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Orangery vs Conservatory: Which Is Right For You?

We don’t envy anyone currently in the process of trying to decide which home extension will best suit their needs – an orangery or a conservatory.

Customers regularly ask us for our opinion of these two incredibly popular types of home extension and it would be impossible for us to say that one is better than the other.

All we can do is advise them of the make-up of an orangery and conservatory and their respective qualities to hopefully help a customer make a fully informed decision.


Modern Orangery With French Doors

Orangeries have been around since the 15th Century when they would be most commonly built at the lavish properties owned by the country’s highest aristocrats.

Back then, they would be used for growing fruit trees, but as technology advanced and the design evolved, people began utilising them as extended living spaces.

Some people consider an orangery to be a more natural looking addition to a property than a traditional conservatory as it uses a high proportion of brickwork, pillars and walls.

Benefits of an orangery

  • Blends in beautifully with most property styles
  • It can accommodate a number of roofing systems
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Fully thermally efficient
  • All-year round space


Glass-to-Floor Conservatory

It was in the 17th Century that the very first conservatories began to appear, prompting a surge in demand for them all across Europe.

Their similarity to the glass houses of that time and how effective they were at helping vegetation to grow made conservatories such a lusted after product.

Fast-forward to the 1970’s when a major breakthrough was made with regards insulated glazing and that’s when they really started to take off and earn widespread appeal amongst the British public. This led to several new conservatory styles being developed alongside long existing favourites like the Edwardian and Victorian offerings.

Benefits of a conservatory

  • Predominantly glazed, so you get lots of light travelling through
  • Can increase property resale value by an average of 7%
  • Usually won’t require planning permission
  • Less costly than an orangery
  • Flexible design


If this blog post has helped you reached a decision or you need further assistance choosing between a conservatory and orangery, come and speak to an advisor at your nearest Hazlemere showroom.


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