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Educate Yourself On The Rules Before Buying A Conservatory Or Orangery

22nd March 2018

It’s an exciting time when you give Hazlemere Windows the green light to build a conservatory or orangery installation on your behalf and there is a lot to think about. Which conservatory or orangery style will you choose? Which coloured finish will you choose? Which building material will you choose? How will you utilise the...

Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows

19th March 2018

Has there been a noticeably frosty feel inside your home over the past few months? It’s a sign that your existing windows may need replacing for the very latest energy efficient windows. Ageing windows simply cannot cope with the weather and allow cold air indoors through the glass and every little gap that has established....

How To Obtain A Replacement FENSA Certificate

14th March 2018

  FENSA stands for the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme and was set up to regulate window and door companies and ensure that they’re working to a high enough standard for customers. Hazlemere is very proud to have been a FENSA member since the scheme was first established in 2002. Retention of our membership over the...

What To Know When Adding A Solid Roof To An Old Conservatory

12th March 2018

Hundreds of conservatories across the region will have been left deserted over the winter months because they fail to provide sufficient warmth. This is a frustrating scenario for householders and one that they will inevitably want to resolve somehow, perhaps with the installation of a solid roof. However, in order to be able to fit...

Replacing Windows In A Flat? Here’s Some Things To Be Aware Of

8th March 2018

When you live in a flat that you own or rent an apartment and you need replacement windows, please DO NOT go ahead with a new window installation without checking that you have permission to do so first. Going ahead regardless could be a very costly mistake and see you forced into reversing the process....

Composite vs UPVC Doors: Which Should You Choose?

5th March 2018

Your front door is the main entranceway into your humble abode and should paint it in a positive light. Once it stops doing that you know that it’s time to find a replacement. Door buyers have never had so much choice at their disposal and it’s UPVC and composite built replacement doors that dominate the...

Save Yourself The Hassle, Invest In UPVC Not Natural Timber

20th February 2018

After having brand new home improvements fitted at your property the last thing you want or expect to have to do is maintain them on a frequent basis. Unfortunately, this is something you will no choice over if you opt to install traditional timber windows or an authentic wooden door. We say that because wood-crafted...

Update Your Conservatory Into The 21st Century

14th February 2018

Conservatory trends are frequently changing and you need to keep on top of them if you want your conservatory’s interior and exterior looking fashionable. Doing just that will also help sustain that sense of anticipation you get when you’re about to walk into its spacious surrounds. Once you lose that, you know that it’s time...

Why Solid Roof Conservatories Are Legally Extensions

12th February 2018

Whilst double glazed conservatories and orangeries remain the most popular choice for UK homeowners glass extensions, given that in the vast majority of cases they can be designed and built so that Building Regulation Approval and Planning Permission are not required, sadly this is not the case with solid roof conservatories. Why? Because solid roof...

What Planning Permission Do You Need For A New Conservatory?

8th February 2018

When building something new, making a major change to your building e.g. building an extension or changing the use of your building, you NEED planning permission. Most homeowners won’t even be aware of this fact, and therefore will face consequences if they don’t have the relevant paperwork and evidence. You MUST apply before starting any...

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