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The True Benefits Of Victorian Style Sliding Sash Windows

Traditional sliding sash windows are still prominent in many traditional Victorian and Georgian UK residences, many of which are constructed from authentic timber.

Sliding Sash Windows

They’re immensely beautiful to look at, no question. But the trouble with them is that they’re notoriously hard work to treat and maintain and they fail to provide the standard of thermal efficiency you would expect from a contemporary window solution.

You wouldn’t want to completely lose them though! There’s no reason to as you can always remove them and have modern Victorian style sliding sash windows installed.

Why would you want to do that?

  1. Low maintenance

Whether it’s built from UPVC or aluminium, a contemporary sliding sash window requires barely any maintenance. The occasional wipe with a wet cloth should be enough to clean up a dirty window frame and you don’t need to concern yourself with repainting, varnishing, sanding or anything else like that.

  1. Improved energy efficiency

A triple glazed modern sliding sash window can achieve a Window Energy Rating of anything up to A++ which far exceeds the energy efficiency provided by an old single glazed sliding sash window. With less chance of draughts getting in, not only will your interior feel much warmer, but you’ll also enjoy cheaper energy bills.

  1. Enhanced security

UPVC and aluminium are renowned for their durability, whereas wood isn’t. A UPVC or aluminium sliding sash window frame provides rock solid security and is accompanied with a secure locking mechanism that keeps the window firmly in place when fastened shut. You’ll have far less need to be concerned about your home post-installation.

  1. More colour choice

Most traditional sliding sash windows would be finished in black or white. Even now you can still have them supplied in black or white, both timeless finishes, but there are also now colours like Chartwell Green and Grey Blue available, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to the modern window buyer.

Why not sash-ay your way to your nearest Hazlemere showroom to see the best sliding sash windows on display.



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