The Sliding Sash Window has been around for generations and still it continues to be a prominent feature in UK properties.

Its success can be put down to when it is fitted in a home they really are such an improvement energy efficiency and maintenance wise over old wooden box sash windows. Sliding Sash Windows are multi-functional as they can be opened vertically upwards and downwards, as well as inwardly, so that when it comes to ventilating your property, they are ideal. “A” rated UPVC Vertical Sliding Sash Windows from Hazlemere give you the option of tilting the sash inwards for gradual ventilation and ease of indoor cleaning, improving your home aesthetically and practically.

Sash Windows

A vertical sliding window features two sashes which each sit independently of one other, and slide upwards or downwards as required.

Traditionally made from timber, our UPVC and aluminium collection offer same authentic appeal and styling, but combined with low maintenance, high security, and thermally efficient benefits demanded in today’s market – exclusively for you.

UPVC Sash Windows
Sash Windows
Do your sash windows feel secure...

When leaving your home unoccupied or going up to bed last thing at night, security will understandably be of paramount importance. Your sash windows need to provide the necessary secure barrier your property requires which means that they should be comprised of the very finest materials and components. You want to impress visitors into your home with the aesthetics of you new windows, however it’s imperative that in addition to boasting fresh looks, your windows are suitably tough and will protect your home around the clock.

Hazlemere will give you such peace of mind as its robustness is quite extraordinary due to the design and manufacture of top quality locking systems and utilising a mixture of incredibly resilient materials.

Sash Window Hotspots

Sliding Sash Frame

Available in welded joints with 45-degree corner welds for a smooth, sleeker finish and mechanical joints to take the design to another level, the 90-degree welds give a more traditional sash window finish.

Ultimate Glass

High performance next generation glass for superb energy efficiency. With acoustic glass to block out the sound of a bust neighbourhood, or patterned privacy glass for a bathroom, we’ll have the perfect solution for you.

Sliding Sash Locking

Secured using a snail cam that is fitted to the top face of the sash. By turning the lever, the cam is released from its keep, giving you the option of either a key-locking or non-locking system.

Sliding Sash Handles

Our handles come in a range of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

Weather Proofing

Wool pipe strips that provide an excellent layer of defence against the elements. Available with colour-matching wool pile to ensure that every detail of you window matches perfectly.

Versatile Design

As standard, our Sliding Sash Window also comes with a slide and tilt facility, allowing you to clean both the top and bottom sash from inside your home.
Hazlemere's Sash windows are A rated as standard...

Quality sash windows are those that have a great level of thermal efficiency, allowing less heat to escape from your home. This of course has a knock-on effect to your energy bills, whilst simultaneously being environmentally friendly. All of our products are designed and manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. Our sash window energy efficiency levels go from C to the highest levels of A, so we have the right choice for you.

Sash Windows
UPVC Sash Windows
Sash Windows


Once you have selected a window style, the next step is to customise the window to your liking. We have a superb array of coloured finishes, glazing choices and exquisite hardware for our impressive window suite.

A colourful array of stylish finishes...

Choosing a window colour is as important as selecting the actual window design. You may not want to veer too away from the original coloured window you had installed so take your time to assess all the options to enable you to locate a suitable replacement finish. Our colour palette is extremely broad so the chances are that you will find something that works and will reinvigorate your home once the new windows have been integrated into the property. You can even have a dual-colour finish.

Glazing comes in many different forms…

When returning home and closing the front door behind you, it’s only right to expect a certain amount of privacy, but it’s sometimes never as simple as that. If you feel somewhat exposed even when indoors then perhaps think about installing privacy glazing as it will limit what people can see as they look into your property from the outside. Despite its purpose, you can still expect a generous amount of natural sunlight to force its way through the glass during the day.

Meticulously crafted handles...

Our traditional and contemporary-styled handles have been lovingly made by expert craftspeople and will make opening and closing your new windows effortlessly simple and forever pleasurable.

Built into each individual handle is a secure locking system that will keep the windows securely fastened.


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