Lean-to conservatories are the perfect choice for homeowners that prefer a simple look…
A classic conservatory design...

The traditional Lean-to conservatory also known as a Mediterranean conservatory or Sunroom conservatory, with its simple clean lines is ideal for bungalows or where the smallest angles of roof pitch and free spans of up to 4 metres are necessary. For properties with little room under the eaves or for those homeowners that prefer a simple look, a Lean-to conservatory is the ideal choice.

The pitch of the roof can be varied, making this a versatile and popular style option. All lean-to conservatories are available in a range of colours and a choice door, including French doors, patio doors or the latest bi-folding doors.

Grey UPVC Lean-To Conservatory


Browse through our range of Lean-To Conservatory options from glass roof or tiled roof designs or select from UPVC or aluminium frames.

Arguably the most understated conservatory and roof style is the Lean-to...

Arguably the most understated conservatory and glass roof style is the Lean-to, which is commonly installed on bungalows. The clean lines and sophistication of a Lean-to owe a lot to the sheer simplicity of its design; it is unfussy and offers maximum internal floor space and a glass roof serves to broaden its versatility as a room for all seasons.

Glazed gable ends allow even more natural light into the room, adding to that which is facilitated by the windows and doors.

UPVC Lean-To Conservatories
A lean-to conservatory is the perfect application for a simple, but mightily effective, solid roof.

A solid roof will be as fundamental to your lean-to conservatory as any other component in the overall structure, supplying it with the energy efficiency it needs to remain useable throughout the year.

It may not be a prominent aspect of the final design, but its presence must not be underestimated if you want to avoid the prospect of a lean-to conservatory that feels a little too cold in winter or too warm in summer. You simply cannot afford to go without a solid roof if you decide to choose more warmth over more daylight.

Tiled Roof Lean-To Conservatory
Lean-to conservatory is the perfect application for a simple, but mightily effective, solid roof.

It’s not surprising that UPVC lean-to conservatories are a very popular design in the UK. They’re also the most cost-effective – so you can have all the added space and lifestyle benefits of a conservatory at minimal cost. UPVC requires very little maintenance given the incredible durability of the material.

As an alternative to a classic Lean-to, you could opt for what’s known as a hipped Lean-to which has an additional roof facet at one or both ends of the conservatory – ask our design consultant for more information.

UPVC Lean-To Conservatories
Aluminium is a lightweight yet very strong building material, especially for lean-to conservatories.

Energy saving wise, aluminium is very energy efficient as each has a “thermal break” which effectively separates the exterior and interior surfaces to stop heat and cold crossing from outside to inside.

All Hazlemere’s aluminium lean-to onservatories come with a fully comprehensive ten year guarantee on both the product and the installation. In addition, All our aluminium lean-to conservatories come with toughened safety glass double glazing as standard.

Aluminium Lean-To Conservatories


Once you’ve decided on the style of your new conservatory, we have a huge variety of frame, colour and hardware options for you to choose from that will help you really personalise your look. From a traditional cottage feel to a sleek and contemporary conservatory design, we’ll have the perfect combination of UPVC or aluminium materials that will work for you. Your choices will influence the level of security and energy efficiency of your build too, so it ’s important to get it right.

With our UPVC range you can choose between textured woodgrain or a smooth surface finish...

It is very possible to successfully merge your home and glass extension so it looks like they were built together at the same time, thanks to our extensive UPVC colour range. Our standard finishes include green, cream, black, rosewood, mahogany, grey, light oak and whitegrain, plus we can accommodate the growing demand for coloured aluminium conservatories by offering products in any RAL colour.

This does not mean that traditional white conservatories have lost their appeal, far from it, it’s simply that the availability of additional colours can give a new conservatory structure a unique distinctiveness.

A colourful array of stylish aluminium finishes...

You will be stunned by how astonishingly good our aluminium colours look. A robust powder-coating process is what gives them that all-important durability and richness in texture so that when applied to the frame they truly sparkle.

The beauty of RAL aluminium coloured window frames is that they can be dual coloured and usually come in a choice of gloss, matt or satin finish.

A new roof needs to be the crowning glory of any conservatory...

If you want to be able to see a clear blue sky from within your new glass extension, then a double glazed glass roof is the best solution. Not only will it provide a clear view but it also glass tends to minimise the sound of any rain or hail that hits. In addition to its comprehensive list of benefits, the right specification of glass roof will deliver superb solar control.

Glass roofs can be tinted in various ways and there’s always the option to specify self-cleaning glass should the extension design mean that cleaning a section of the the roof could be awkward. From the outside glass roofs do look terrific as work well in unison with the glazed windows and doors.

The external look and internal feel of a tiled roof conservatory is something that no other roof can match...

There’s no denying that a tiled roof will obscure overhead light and views to some extent compared to a polycarbonate or glass roof, however, in terms of aesthetics both externally and internally it is in a league of its own. Any loss of natural light is compensated for by an increase in privacy and because roof windows and integrated spotlights are included in the design there’s no chance of the UPVC conservatory ever getting too dark.

To ensure the extension seamlessly complements a property, select a suitable set of roofing tiles and don’t forget that an insulated tiled roof can be utilised in both a new-build and a suitable existing conservatory.

Add the final details to your UPVC conservatory...

Our range of window and door handles are manufactured to the highest quality standards, to ensure years of performance whilst always looking as good as the day they were installed.

We’ll help you choose the right colour and style of window and door handles to finish off your new conservatory perfectly.