Show-stopping style, bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your home. With a limitless choice of options to customise your doors, you’re sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood.

The ultimate style choice, bi-folding doors open up an entire wall to your garden or patio, giving a wonderful feeling of space and an unobstructed view. Ideal for large openings, in seconds you can remove the divide between indoors and outdoors, per fect for those beautiful summer days.

Also offering unrivalled year-round protection from the elements, our range of bi-folding doors offer the highest level of security for ultimate peace of mind. Effortless to operate, the panes slide discreetly to the side – you can even incorporate a ‘passenger door’ for everyday comings and goings.

Anthracite Grey Bi-Folding Doors

The adaptability of aluminium Bi-Folding Doors is something that regularly lures the attention of property owners as they can be fitted with a minimum of two panes up to a maximum of seven.

The gliding rollers make opening our concertina effect Bi-Folding Doors a simple task with minimum effort required. Just a few seconds is all it will take to create a stylish gateway between your home and garden which you’ll be extremely thankful for when hosting special occasions in the home and looking to make a brisk exit indoors or outdoors.

Bi-Folding Doors
Bi-Folding Doors
Features of our Bi-Fold Doors

Our Bi-Folding Doors are finished with the highest grade aluminium available, removing the need for painting and maintenance. This hard wearing finish protects against scratches and colour fading, whilst maintaining the doors’ original good looks. Just an occasion wipe with warm soapy water is all you need to keep your Bi-Folding Doors looking like new. Our concealed running system is protected from the elements, ensuring the smooth gliding action of your Bi-Folding Doors for a lifetime.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Fold Frame

Our Bi-Fold frames boast maximum warmth and security and slide effortlessly to the side to make the most of your space. You can even incorporate a discreet passenger door for everyday entry.

Bi-Fold hardware

Our Bi-Fold Door Handles come in a range of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

Bi-Fold Easy Glide System

The bottom of each door section has its own solid aluminium carriage with four wheels that run inside a low threshold track. Each wheel manufactured from a high resilient nylon material that resists degradation from to heat and friction. Each nylon wheel spins around a hardened stainless steel shaft on its own set of bearings along a stainless steel track.

Bi-Fold Low Threshold

Allowing for equal floor finishes inside and out. There are two options available; weathered and non weathered. Visually, the effect is stunning. Practically, it creates one space out of two for the ultimate use of your space at home.
Bi-Fold Doors offer maximum security...

A multi-point locking system is at the centre of the security of all Hazlemere’s aluminium bi-folding and sliding doors. When the high security locking system is engaged, it does so at several different points, in several different directions, and into robust “keeps” to ensure that the door sash is firmly fixed into the door frame.

The double glazed toughened safety glass sealed units used to glaze the doors are inherently strong and difficult to break. Tested cylinder locks are housed by high security master handles to deter would-be intruders. The minimalist D handle securing the folding sections of each door throw shoot-bolts into position with one easy action, and there is an indicator slot so you will know for certain they are in place. This D handle is key lockable as standard for added security and added peace of mind.

Aluminum Door Security


Work will begin on the design and manufacturing of your aluminium bi-folding doors once you have advised us of what coloured finish you would like, and also your preferred form of glazing and hardware.

Bi-fold doors can be made with as few as two panes.

Bi-fold doors by definition “bi-fold” and can be made with as few as 2 panels. There is only one configuration for a 2 section aluminium bi-fold door but, as with all bi-fold doors, this configuration can be manufactured to either open-out or open-in. This minimalist style of bi-fold door could be used internally to connect a room with an orangery or conservatory, or it could be used on one of the smaller facets of a double glazed orangery or conservatory. Our bi-folds doors are available in a range of 2 panel up to 7 panel configurations.

Our bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors can come in any RAL colour of your choice...

The colour options for Hazlemere’s bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors are as varied as the configuration options and your first decision will need to be whether to have a gloss, matt or satin powder coated finish. Next there are around 600 standard RAL colour finishes to choose from, with RAL 9910Gi white gloss being the least cost finish.

View our most popular colours available throughout or as dual colour.

The finer details to bi-fold doors make the difference...

Most configurations of aluminium bi-fold door will involve the use of two different types of handles. Travel doors and integrated French doors will require a master lever/lever handle which houses a cylinder lock, and is used to engage the multi-point locking system when bi-fold doors are in the closed position.

Each aluminium bi-folding section will also has either a “D-handle” or shoot bolt handle, each of which is used to release the bi-folding sections from the door frame when opening and, of course, re-engage them when closing. A D-handle is used to push or pull the folding sections as appropriate and can be coloured matched to the internal aluminium frame at no extra cost. All our D handles come as standard with an additional lock and key to that on the travel door, adding peace of mind and higher security.


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