The external look and internal feel of a tiled roof conservatory is something that no other roof can match.
A welcoming, private living space

There’s no denying that a tiled conservatory roofs will obscure overhead light and views to some extent compared to a polycarbonate or glass roof. However, in terms of aesthetics both externally and internally it is in a league of its own. Any loss of natural light is compensated for by an increase in privacy and roof windows and integrated spotlights included in the design ensures the conservatory will not feel too dark.

To ensure the extension seamlessly complements a property we can help you select a suitable set of roofing tiles and don’t forget that an insulated tiled roof can be utilised in both a new-build and a suitable existing conservatory.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
An efficient fitting with minimal stress

A tiled roof conservatory is a more cost effective and quicker solution to extending your home than a traditional extension. Whatever style of tiled roof you choose we will project manage the entire process for you with nominal disruption.

From design to final fix you can leave it all in our safe hands.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Tiled Roof Conservatory
Tiled Roof Extension


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Tiled roof conservatory features

We pride ourselves in our customer-centric approach to the design and installation service, so you can be confident you will get the best results for your home. Our expert designers are ready to listen to you.

Once we’ve taken a few measurements and photographs we will draw up the design plans on a computer, showing you how it will look from every angle. It’s all part of our complimentary design and quotation service.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Living Space

Tiled Roof Insulation

The materials complied to make the Warm Roof, including rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, are thermally efficient and prevent heat loss, keeping the room at a more comfortable temperature all year round and increasing its usability.

Tiled Roof Tiles

Externally the lightweight roof coverings emulate the appearance and colour of traditional roofing tiles or slate so that you can choose a finish that is in-sync with the rest of the property.

Tiled Roof Glass

Available with a variety of styles and roof glazing to suit all, so you can find the best option to suit you and your home. Glass panels and Velux windows can be seamlessly integrated exactly where you want them.


Fully insulated internal Pelmet which gives a room-like feel and is ideal for downlights and speakers.

Hazlemere handles every aspect of the job

The Hazlemere team are highly qualified professionals who are experienced in tiled conservatory roofs.

You can rely on us to bring the expertise to deliver your dream living space, consistently communicating from start to finish.

Tiled Roof Conservatory


For all those significant finishing touches, you won’t be disappointed in our offering. Our lightweight composite tiles will be selected to match your existing home, your tiled roof will get the full Hazlemere treatment.

Lightweight Composite Roof Tiles

Traditional slate takes an enormous amount of looking after, and can be easily damaged by cracking, wear and tear, and delamination as it ages. Our lightweight slates are a great alternative to traditional slate, with a colour range to match to your existing home.

And the real beauty of these tiles is that they will change their appearance once installed to take on a natural ‘weathered’ look to match the main roof of your house.

Consider new window frames when changing the roof

If you are considering adding a solid roof to an existing conservatory you will need to get an expert company like Hazlemere to check that the foundations and structure are up to the job.

You will often find that new window frames are required and fortunately, there’s a great assortment of colours across the spectrum now. We are confident that you will find a colour that complements your new living space, from the hundreds of options available.

A colourful array of stylish finishes...

You will be stunned by how astonishingly good our aluminium colours look. A robust powder-coating process is what gives them that all-important durability and richness in texture so that when applied to the frame they truly sparkle. The beauty of RAL aluminium coloured windows is that they can be dual coloured and usually come in a choice of gloss, matt or satin finish.

Crafted window handles for your new window frames…

High quality window and door handles will add to the overall success of your new conservatory, and we’ll help you choose just the right style and colour to suit.

Not forgetting the importance of security. That’s why each one of our handles has a secure locking system.