“A third of older Londoners do not take advantage of benefits they are entitled to”

Amazingly, a Mayor of London Press Release yesterday “estimated that up to a third of older Londoners do not take advantage of benefits they are entitled to.” This is really sad and crazy for those poorer pensioners who suffer when we have prolonged cold snaps like the UK has endured this Winter.

Consequently the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, yesterday launched a new information campaign urging older Londoners and carers to claim the benefits they are entitled to -  including those to help cut heating bills and keep warm.

“The campaign will also encourage older Londoners and their carers to beat fuel poverty by obtaining free or discounted energy efficiency measures in their homes wherever these are available. Energy efficiency measures include loft insulation, cavity wall or solid wall insulation, draft proofing, hot water tank and pipe insulation, energy saving light bulbs, double glazing, floor insulation, choosing the most energy efficient electrical appliances and replacing inefficient boilers. Information on schemes offering discounts on energy efficiency measures are available from the Energy Saving Trust.”

In 2007, Hazlemere Window Company Ltd was the first company in the UK to not only design, but manufacture, fabricate and install a dual frame “A” Rated aluminium window system as endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and the British Fenestration Rating Council.

There are often grants available for pensioners, details of which can be obtained from the Energy Saving Trust. Obviously, the best quality, highest energy rated energy saving windows are not the cheapest, but as with anything in life, your get what you pay for. Also the pay back period investment wise is frankly a long one, but installing replacement “A” Rated energy saving windows will considerably reduce your heating bills and increase the quality of life within your home, so as with most things it is a judgement call. However if pensioners can get grants for, or even towards the cost of better quality energy efficient double glazing, my advice will be to take advantage of any grant that is available before it is too late. It is true that homeowners get the best return of their investment in energy saving windows the longer they remain in their property, so if you are considering replacement double glazing, and have no plans to move, the sooner you improve your home the better for both you in the long term financially, and for the environment.


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