My advice is to go for the Chef’s Gourmet Banquet

Until last Summer I had not been to the China Diner Chinese Restaurant in Beaconsfield New Town since it was refurbished about 18 months ago, but was pleasantly impressed with the decor, service, food and the prices.

So much so, I have been there five times since, once taking 41 other fellers from my Church, Kings Church Amersham for a social meal out. The feed back from the chaps was extremely positive, which for blokes must tell you how good the food and price was. The most recent time I have been was with my brother Paul last Monday night, and, like the half a dozen occasions before, it was good quality and value for money.

Having tried two of their set meals, the 3 course Peking Special at £18.50 a head and the 4 course Chef’s Gourmet Banquet at £21.50 a head, I can genuinely recommend both, however if you like Chinese food with a bit of added spice, my advice is to go for the Chef’s Gourmet Banquet, which is for my money, the best value on the menu. The great thing about the China Diner, or indeed Leigh House Chinese Restaurant in Beaconsfield Old Town, they will swop a dish for another if you do not want or like one of the main course dishes on the set menu. Both restaurants do an excellent chicken with cashew nuts main dish if you like that sort of thing!

Neither Leigh House or the China Diner in Beaconsfield New Town opposite Costa Coffee are expensive, but on price the China Diner is slightly better value at present, as both the food and wine are slightly less than Leigh House, which is always good value and excellent quality too.

In terms of the other two Chinese restaurants in Beaconsfield, Tao in London End in the Old Town is great if you are going with a group of people as you can be noisy and even rowdy, plus they have two separate sections upstairs for larger groups and their starters are very good. The Jasmine on the Penn Road next to HSBC bank in the New Town is also a good Chinese, and their take away service is good and fast. Personally I enjoy going to all four restaurants, and Beaconsfield is fortunate to have so many excellent Chinese restaurants to choose from. If I was forced to make a choice, I would have to say the “Leave it to us Feast” at Leigh House in Wycombe End is probably the best quality combined starter, crispy aromatic duck and main course in the Town, but only by a whisker over the China Diner. I’ll just have to keep trying all four restaurants to make sure!!


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