Suggestions on how to have “a frugal 2009”

According to an article by the Domestic Energy Directory, “replacing double glazing and checking loft insulation have been named as two ways to have a frugal 2009 by the Telegraph”.

This article suggests several ways to help the environment, which no doubt includes fitting replacement energy rated energy saving windows, and efficient low maintenance UPVC gutters and downpipes. The article also suggested preventative maintenance was a prudent thing to do (especially since we seem to be having more prolonged cold snaps), such as protecting water pipes against frost.

Jeff Howell, writing in the Daily Telegraph, said: “If there’s one thing you should send your money on this year it should be making sure your gutters, downipes and drains are doing their job properly.”

“The most serious damage to properties is caused by water, and all water on earth comes down from the sky. Half an hour maintaining gutters can save hundreds of pounds in future repair bills.”

So you don’t have to invest in new plastic guttering and downpipes, if your existing gutters and downpipes are not cracked or broken and well fitted. All you need to do is clean them out thoroughly once a year, preferably once the Autumn leaves have all fallen. However, badly fitting, cracked or rusty inefficient downpipes or guttering are worth replacing with UPVC Roofline gutters and downpipes, which are also much easier to clean, longer lasting and nicer to look at.


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