Step eight: Pilkington Activ Blue self cleaning glass

Of course you do not have to have a self cleaning glass conservatory roof, but obviously you will then always have to clean it yourself regularly or probably have to pay to have it done professionally. However, obviously all conservatories need a roof, and it always amazes me why anyone would have a polycarbonate conservatory roof. In my opinion, they look awful, stop light getting into the room, get dirty more easily, are not as energy efficient as double glazed sealed units and are very noisy when it rains. Despite this, clients still buy them simply because they are cheaper! I have personally spoken to many clients who come back later kicking themselves they did not invest in a high quality double glazed roof. Adding a double glazed roof retrospectively costs considerably more than installing it initially, so please think carefully before buying a polycarbonate roof for your conservatory.

This Buckinghamshire aluminium conservatory has been fitted with Pilkington Activ Blue Double Glazing, which has a special protective “blue tinted” layer to reflect sunlight, reducing the amount of solar energy that is transferred into a conservatory. Fitting self cleaning glass is a major benefit to conservatory owners, as many conservatory roofs are difficult to clean due to restricted access.

Given the southerly aspect to solar gain of the Beaconsfield conservatory project, Hazlemere Conservatories client wisely invested in Pilkington Activ Blue Self Cleaning Glass to assist with reducing excess heat during hotter days. The great benefit of this excellent product is that a special coating on the glass reflects back the suns rays to prevent unwanted solar gain, producing a more comfortable environment within a conservatory.

Pilkington Activ Blue to me has that clear blue sky look, yet still lets in plenty of daylight, and is a very attractive looking product. Other Conservatory roof glazing products offer green tints, bronze tints etc. but whichever roof you choose ensure it is a) double glazed, b) thermally efficient, and c) glazed appropriately in relation to the aspect of your conservatory to the sun. My advice would be to seek independent advice, plus have a look at the various double glazing options offered by Pilkington, the brand leader in the manufacture of high quality glazing products.


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