Step nine: Fitting roofline UPVC guttering & downpipes

The significant rainwater runoff from any conservatory has to go somewhere, so when this Buckinghamshire aluminium conservatory project neared completion, the importance of a well built professional soak-away that Hazlemere Conservatories ground workers built in step one comes into perspective.

It is vital to have well fitted Roofline gutters, leading to plastic downpipes, which in turn flow straight into sunken plastic pipes that take the rainwater away from both the conservatory and property to a soak-away, located in the most appropriate place in one’s garden, borders or plot of land. By fitting low maintenace UPVC gutters and downpipes, all these will need externally is an occasional wipe down and checking from time to time there has been no build up of debris such as garden leaves in the Roofline plastic guttering.

It is also at this particular stage of building an aluminium conservatory with an exterior brick dwarf wall and interior breeze blocks, that the internal walls are plastered so that they can match the decor of the room this Victorian conservatory has been built on to. At the same time the section of existing exterior brick walls of the house (now enclosed within the conservatory double glazing) are also plastered ready for decorating, so they can match in with the adjoining room and the dwarf wall of the conservatory.

Not all of Hazlemere’s conservatory customers choose this option, many opt for internal brick walls and to keep all the existing brickwork as is, it is ready a matter of choice and preference, and whether one is extending a room or looking to create a separate new one by building a conservatory.


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