Quick and simple ways to ensure your children are safe at home

Here at the Hazlemere Group we are resolute about health and safety at home, particularly when we’re advising our customers on the various steps to protect their children once our products have been installed.

Prevent children falling out a window by ensuring not leaving tempting items on window cills
Prevent children falling out an open window by not leaving tempting items on the window cill

One of the most common incidents we hear and read about are child injuries relating to falls. We, like every parent, appreciate that it’s extremely difficult to monitor your kids 24 hours a day, but also acknowledge that prevention is key to maintaining a safe environment. We hope that our simple but effective step to promoting child safety will ultimately reduce the risk of a fall.

Ensure your stairs are clear at all times

We are too aware that our little ones love to play on the stairs and this often means that a trail of toys and general clutter are all potential trip hazards. Try to discourage playing on the stairs, where even you are at risk!

Safety gates

Toddlers like to roam and explore the home, especially when your back is turned, so by using a stair or hallway gate you can have total peace of mind if you’re preoccupied.

Watch out for slippery surfaces

Although bath time is great fun, accidents can and do happen. Make sure you use a rubber mat in the tub to prevent any slips. Also, if you have rugs in the house, a good tip is to apply double sided tape underneath.

A head for heights

Most young children are fearless which means they possess a courage that needs to be monitored. Areas to watch are beds, stairs, windows, changing tables and furniture around the house that’s accessible.

Take the lead

With so many electrical appliances around the house, wires and cables are a constant threat. To ensure that trips and tangles are kept to a minimum, bundle your leads together or box them off. At the earliest opportunity educate your toddlers on the dangers surrounding playing with electricity.

Take the heat out of the situation

When cooking with gas or electricity use the backburners wherever possible, and if you do have to use more than two rings, turn off the front burners at the earliest possible moment, minimizing the risk to wandering little hands. Likewise, to prevent toddlers getting scolded, fit temperature controlled taps and radiator covers where appropriate.

A window of opportunity

It’s surprising how easily it is for a child to squeeze through the smallest of gaps in a window, so make sure they are locked or closed at all times. Also watch out for conservatory doors as often there are small ledges. Be aware of any toys or objects that may entice your little ones to go near window and doors.


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