Do Hazlemere’s “A” rated aluminium & UPVC windows have anything in common with Shell’s V-Power petrol?

Shell V Power or standard unleaded petrol, your choice!
Shell V Power or unleaded petrol, your choice!
I think they do. Both are highly efficient products, cost more than “standard” windows/petrol and enable a more efficient use of energy, plus provide excellent performance for your vehicle/property.

Shell’s V-Power unleaded petrol was launched in 2006, and it was soon after reviewed by What Car “Shell claims that V-Power provides your car with more power and responsiveness, and it does it in three ways. A higher octane rating of 99 RON (Optimax was 98 RON) means that the fuel burns more effectively, while additives in the fuel reduce the loss of energy in the engine by reducing friction in the cylinders.”

Hazlemere’s UPVC and aluminium “A” rated double glazed windows similarly provide your home with the highest possible energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills by reducing the heat lost through existing windows, especially if they do not have a thermal break. Whilst Hazlemere’s “A” rated windows do not clean your house, they do provide optimum heat retention and insulation, making your property more green by performing at the highest level of energy efficiency.

Admittedly both cost slightly more, but once you take into consideration the extra level of performance investing in these higher quality products, then you get a good return on your investment. If your car’s engine benefits from better quality fuel, how much more will your property benefit long term by fitting “A” rated double glazed windows, be they aluminium or UPVC energy efficient energy saving windows?


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