Dr Who recommends Hazlemere for energy reduction

I was thrilled when the former Dr Who, Colin Baker, in his Bucks Free Press article entitled, “Look Who’s Talking” on Friday 4th December 2009, suggested that “Anyone wanting to reduce their energy consumption should look at https://www.hazlemere.co.uk/blog/category/energy-environment

Colin Baker’s column also discussed the GGF’s campaign to encourage the government “to introduce a national window scrappage scheme, recommending a grant of £1,000 to encourage homeowners to replace energy inefficient glazing with environmentally friendly windows.”

This former Dr Who, Colin Baker further comments on the potential merits of a national window scrappage scheme stating that a “single glazing scrappage scheme from central government could result in considerable savings in fossil fuel depletion, emissions and waste, offering immediate potential savings of 10% as a result of this initiative alone.”

Naturally I found his article both very intersting and amusing, especially when he said that I like him are “a failed manager of the universe”, which made me wonder if he had read my profile on my own personal blog “Champions Don’t Give Up, They Get Up“. I trust he found my blog entitled “Why on earth do double glazing companies in Bucks use high pressure selling tactics” interesting? Although, as the sixth Dr Who, I am sure Colin Baker had more pressing matters to concern him.

The first Dr Who I can remember from my distant past was, the third Dr Who, Jon Pertwee, but I certainly remember Colin Baker as Dr Who, who is now a school governor who suggests we should invest in the present to save energy for the future…”replacing these windows would pay for itself in a compartively short time in terms of the legacy we leave just the next generation, let alone those after.” (Colin Baker, Look Who’s Talking article on page 15 of the Bucks Free Press on 4/12/09)

The former Dr Who, Colin Baker also kindly says about Bucks based independent double glazing window and door manufacturers, suppliers and installers Hazlemere Windows that “independent and local are both good in my book.” Find out what else Colin Baker had to say in his article about reducing energy consumption


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