Cala start Raans Road affordable housing scheme

Cala Homes Starts Building Raans Road Affordable Housing in Amersham
Cala Homes starting work on the Raans Road Affordable Housing Scheme in Amersham Bucks
Residential property developers Cala Homes have started building work on a new housing estate in Raans Road, Amersham in Buckinghamshire. This large housing project of 83 new homes is located, next to the Polish Centre and Park Place, plus is near the railway tracks and adjacent to Raans Road Industrial Estate in Amersham on the Hill.

As a condition of obtaining planning permission, Cala Homes have to build a significant number of affordable homes on the scheme, which also includes a new community church building for Kings Church Amersham.

As a member of Kings Church Amersham, I am hoping they will allow Hazlemere Commercial to tender for all the new bespoke windows and doors that will be required, as all the building costs of this community church(estimated to be in the region of £4.25m) is being funded via Kings Church Amersham. Consequently I want the Church to get decent windows, well installed, and at a decent cost.

The new community centred church will have capacity in the main hall for 400 persons, along with associated ancillary rooms. Plans also include a coffee shop, meeting rooms and a bookstall to allow the building to be used by the local council and community for civic functions and concerts etc. Whilst Kings Church Amersham own the land, and will own the new building, it fully intends for it to become an integrated part of the community, serving as a hub for all the new homes, as well as all the existing local residents.

Cala Homes in conjunction with Kings Church Amersham obtained planning approval, although planning permission was subject to a Section 106 Agreement with Bucks County Council and Amersham Town Council. This was signed and agreed by all parties in June 2010, after which Cala Homes and Kings Church Amersham received formal Planning Notice, enabling the initial preparatory ground works to commence. I am delighted that Kings Church Amersham are party to a scheme that will provide much needed affordable housing in Amersham.


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