Insulate your property and reduce your energy bills

One way you can save money and save energy according to the Footprints Ecoshop website is by fitting thermally efficient windows, as energy efficient double-glazing cuts heat loss and also reduces noise and condensation problems. According to the Energy Saving Trust installing energy efficient double glazing could mean savings of around £135 on bills annually if whole-house single glazing is replaced with Energy Saving Recommended double glazing.

There are of course other ways to ways to save energy and running costs. Key ones include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation door and floor insulation, whilst reducing draughts.

Statistics from the Energy Saving Trust
* The amount of heat lost in homes annually through uninsulated lofts and cavity walls is enough to heat over 1.6 million homes for a year.

*If everyone in the UK that could installed cavity wall insulation, we would cut CO2 emissions by nearly 4 million tonnes. That’s enough CO2 to fill over 22 million double-decker buses or fill Wembley stadium 500 times.

*If every household in the UK, that could installed cavity wall insulation, it would save around £700 million a year or enough energy to heat 900,000 homes for the same period.

*If everyone in the UK installed loft insulation up to 270mm thickness, the financial saving would pay the gas bills of around 770,000 families for a year.

*We would also save nearly 3 million tonnes of CO2 per year, the equivalent saving of taking nearly 1 million UK cars off the road.

It is obviously up to property owners to invest in insulating their premises to reduce running costs, reduce their carbon footprint and save energy. As the saying goes “no pain, no gain”, as capital outlay is required if one wants to address heat loss, improve energy efficiency, thereby saving long term on energy bills.


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