Should one buy replacement double or triple glazing?

Hazlemere A Rated Aluminium Triple Glazing
Hazlemere A Rated Aluminium Triple Glazing
The simple answer is either, as frankly it really depends on what you are trying to achieve, along with how quickly, plus how long you plan to stay in your current property as both double glazing and triple glazing have their own separate benefits, pros and cons.

To start with, at present double glazing costs less too install than triple glazing as a) it is less expensive to manufacture and b) it contains less materials i.e. particularly glass. Also “A” rated double glazed windows are highly thermally efficient, otherwise they would not have achieved the highest possible energy rating, so are not vastly inferior to triple glazing.

However, despite the fact that triple glazing is more costly to buy, it offers two benefits that double glazing cannot better (dependent on what specification you opt for naturally). Firstly, modern triple glazing can attain a slightly better U value than double glazing, plus obviously provides improved sound proofing. However, whatever any triple glazing salesman might say these “advantages” are not massive, and although triple glazing is more thermally efficient than double glazing (and therefore reduces heating bills by the greatest margin), it is also more costly to replace a triple glazed sealed unit than a double glazed one, and is heavier and therefore puts more wear on each windows hinges.

Nowadays, if you are looking to buy energy-efficient double glazed windows you can quickly and easily compare the ability of different windows to keep in the heat in their homes, by checking each window systems ‘U’ rating. U’ ratings are used in all kinds of building components. They measure how effective say a window is for retaining heat.

UK law stipulates that all replacement windows must meet minimum standards for energy efficiency. The factors that determine this is the efficiency of the glass in the window itself, the sealed units which encase them, and the combination of these with the timber, aluminium, composite or UPVC window frame.

The lower the ‘U’ rating, the more efficient the window, and therefore the lower the consequent heat loss. In some cases, having a double-glazed window containing glass with a low ‘U’ rating installed will be at least as good as opting for a window fitted with triple glazing.

The bottom line is that if you want to do your bit to “save the planet”, the most environmentally friendly super thermally efficient windows, that reduce noise the most (and you don’t mind forking out the extra cost), is triple glazing. You just need to know that your initial outlay will be greater and that maintenance will potentially be greater, although your heating bills will be marginally less over the long term.

If you are happy getting “A” rated UPVC or aluminium double glazed windows that perform pretty jolly well, then there is no need to stump up the extra cash for triple glazing, which obviously have deeper frames to be able to accommodate the three panes of glass, so aesthetically double glazing is also thinner to look at. So in answer to the question: “Should one buy replacement double or triple glazing?” the answer is either, its all about the initial investment and personal choice.


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