Dozen tips on fitting lasting replacement double glazing

Energy Rated, Energy Saving UPVC Replacement Windows Come in a Range of Attractive Plain and Wood Effect Finishes
Energy Rated Saving Replacement Windows - An Important Investment in a Property
When the significant changes to the Building Regulations came into force on 1st October 2010, the result meant that replacement double glazing costs soared, as no longer could home owners (or installers) legally fit the old cheaper non-compliant double glazing. It is now a legal requirement that both property owners and double glazing installers fit high performing energy rated windows and doors.

Given the fact that the new energy efficient products property owners must fit are more expensive than the obsolete double glazing that did not have a thermal break it is worth not rushing or being pressured into buying double glazing. Take the time to thoroughly check the double glazing you wish to purchase (or are being “sold”) is independently certified and approved, and meets the new standards of a maximum combined U value of 1.6 W/m2K for replacement windows and 1.8 W/m2K for replacement doors.

Energy rated double glazing constitutes a significant investment, but while it will save you money on your heating bills, the return on investment will really only be realised over a period of ten years or more. Be cautious as there remains no shortage of double glazing window companies looking for your business, so it is vital you check to see if their product combinations of frame and glass have each been tested and approved, and more importantly will come with the energy rated certificate that FENSA will require before issuing you with their certificate to confirm that what you have fitted complies with the new Building Regulations.

Consequently, you will hopefully want to make sure you choose a double glazing manufacturer, supplier and installer that is therefore professional and reliable. So here are a dozen tips to assist in making sure any energy rated double glazing you purchase will be good value for money.

i) In these recessionary times no UK home owner wants to pay more than they need to, as it is not worth putting the household budget under financial pressure by spending more than they can afford. Consequently it is worthwhile obtaining two to three quotes from different double glazing suppliers and installers on a like for like comparison of value for money, service and quality.

ii) Following a visit by a double glazing sales person, ask their company to provide a written quotation on a no obligation basis, to be left with you to consider in your own good time, without any pressure to sign, as the amounts involved make choosing both the right supplier and the right product(s) an important long term decision.

iii) Only deal with FENSA registered companies. The FENSA self certification scheme helps ensure that any window and door double glazing work is compliant with the current Building Regulations, as FENSA uses an independent resource to carry out regular random checks on their members. Hazlemere Window Company Ltd’s FENSA registration number is 10589 and they can be checked out on the FENSA website.

iv) With home heating costs soaring as energy becomes a more valuable resource, Her Majesty’s Government is encouraging UK property owners to become more energy efficient for the sake of our planet and financial well-being. If fitting double glazing for the very first time, or wishing to replace older less energy efficient windows, finding a reliable company to manufacture and fit your windows is more important than ever, as the latest high quality technologically advanced products are costly, so beware of any quotation that is way off the mark, as if it is too good to be true, it might just be that!

v) It is a good idea, when discussing your new window requirements with a double glazing company, to ask them for a copy of the guarantee they will provide you with, plus more importantly, how they will deliver it, in the short, medium and long term. Check the ten year guarantee is on BOTH the product AND the installation.

vi) Ask how long have they been in business? Can they produce past and recent testimonials from satisfied customers?

vii) Don’t fall for any sales person’s pitch that “pretends” you will lose out if you don’t sign there and then, as the deal will still be there in the morning once you have had the chance to consider any proposal in your own time and without any constraints to make a decision. Most double glazing sales persons are on commission only, and some large firms don’t pay them a penny unless they sign you up on the first visit, so show them the door if you are in any way uncomfortable with how long they are staying or if you feel pressurized.

viii) Be wary if there is not a showroom where you can go to see the actual product you are going to buy before you buy it, so in the unlikely event you don’t get what you should have, you have something to compare it against.

ix) Ask to see a copy of the energy rated certificate for the particular combination of frame and glazing you have specified, so you can be certain what you want complies with the new Building Regulations, as the last thing you want if you plan to sell your house if having to replace the windows you replaced or pay your purchaser compensation!

x) Check that the products will be in the UK to British standards and indeed which company is actually going to make your double glazing!

xi) Ask if the company has its own sufficiently experienced designers, surveyors, fabricators, installers and service engineers.

xii) Preferably deal with experienced expert manufacturers and installers, who will want to ensure for both parties sake that they both make and fit your bespoke replacement windows and doors correctly, as they will not want to have to return to correct any installation defects that arise, any more than you will want them to!

By taking sufficient time to select a reliable double glazing company, you will help ensure that the windows and doors that get fitted in your property are installed properly and offer value for money over their lifetime. The truth is that the longer you decide to stay in your property, the better return on investment you will gain from your initial upfront investment by fitting the energy saving, energy efficient replacement windows.

It is therefore so so important to select a company that you are sure will be around for at least the next ten years to handle any service issues that do arise during the guarantee period, so if in the future you get broken handles, locks or internally misted up double glazed sealed units, the repairs and/or replacements are carried out professionally under guarantee, with no call out charge, so at no cost to you.

Opting for short term â€Ŕsavings” on a less expensive product or installation could prove a false saving if later the product develops problems and/or the company you went with purely to â€Ŕsave money” is no longer around to give you the customer service and deliver on their â€Ŕguarantee” which they said would last ten years.

It is worth undertaking careful research on the both the products and all of the double glazing companies you have decided to request a quote from. Ensure you invest wisely in your property by taking any potential medium and long term ramifications into consideration before committing to your double glazing supplier and product of choice.


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