Why Loggia offer a unique visual & practical new conservatory option

Loggia are a unique building concept that are best described as a cross between a conservatory and an orangery. The inspiration for Loggia is understood to date back to the Italian Renaissance period. Filippo Brunelleschi, an architectural visionary, who played a key role in the Italian Renaissance movement, achieved worldwide renown as the creator of the Duomo, a spectacular feat of engineering that even today still dominates the panorama of Florence. Brunelleschi was also credited with significant developments in the design of the Loggia, as it was known then as a roofed gallery or recessed room open to the air on one side, supported by ornate columns.

A Coloured Double Glazed Loggia Extension of Glass
Coloured Double Glazed Loggia Extension of Glass

In England today, high quality aluminium and PVCu double glazing systems manufacturers have taken those same guiding architectural principles to create a new double glazed structure that combines remarkable aesthetics with revolutionary engineering to blend in with designs of existing private dwellings.

The modern day Loggia is a unique building that combines light and sky with the solidity of corner columns possessing real inner core strength, plus has internal plastered walls and ceilings, to create the feel of a real room (i.e. proper extension). High quality Loggia have advanced thermally efficient roof and window glazing, so can deliver excellent U-Values, making them warmer and cosier in the winter and cooler in the summer, to enable homeowners to use them all year round. The amount of light and sky English homeowners want to let into their Loggia, is down to them, as Loggia’s are bespoke double glazed glass extensions which are tailor-made to dovetail in with existing dwellings.

Because of their ingenious construction, Loggia can be built within a much shorter time frame than brick built or block and render conservatories or orangeries, with no compromise on quality. Recent surveys apparently reveal that properly constructed double glazed conservatories and extensions are some of the most rewarding home investments home owners in England can make, based on the percentage return on investment they deliver.

High quality Loggia if designed, specified and built properly, offer a completely unique option when compared to a standard conservatory or orangery say, as they not only possesses the strength and solidity of an extension, but also add a stylish new room. Unlike some poorly built or low spec conservatories or orangeries without high performance glass and double glazing, Loggia can be warm and cosy in the winter and reassuringly cool in the summer, so Loggia can be used all year round, just like an extension. The Loggia super insulated columns – with a U-Value of only 0.15W/m2oC – are twice as thermally efficient as normal cavity insulated walls. Overall a Loggia can use less than half of the heat energy of a similar sized conservatory to heat itself, and with prudent specification choices, requires little more energy than a full blown extension uses.

For example, two customized corner heating panels are all it takes to heat a Loggia that is 4 square metres in dimensions, which is much a more cost efficient option than under floor heating (which in winter needs to be left on the entire time to be effective). Unlike conservatories that don’t have properly insulated bases that rely on expensive under floor heating  (or unsightly radiators and pipework) instead, Loggia vertical heaters integrate into the structure. In a typical Loggia, all that is required are 2 optional electric radiant heaters, neatly concealed in the columns which run from floor to ceiling. These heaters offer virtually instantaneous heat, so they compare well with under floor heating (which can take an age and a bank loan to achieve the desired temperature) and space heaters like traditional radiators.

Loggia are very robust buildings thanks to their unique high strength structure and additionally bolstered solid steel frame (if the location or design calls for it), which extends right to the Loggia’s foundations to give enhanced rigidity and precision – meaning Loggia can withstand the worst aspects of English weather year after year. What’s more, the unique Loggia design reduces the ‘racking’ effect of wind, being 4 times stiffer than a standard conservatory.

The way Loggia are designed offer home owners the possibility of achieving a traditional sash windows look, which is not usually possible with conservatory design. Because Loggia’s solid square columns have a front to back depth of 300mm and can be constructed either side of most window designs, vertical sliding sash aluminium or PVCu windows can be conveniently incorporated, creating a high quality, highly aspirational living environment that is quiet, warm, draught-free and secure.

Through innovative design, each Loggia incorporate a plastered ceiling all the way around their perimeter. This ceiling is the perfect place to house spotlights and down lighters on dimmer switches, and house cables for speakers or telephones etc.

Depending on the aesthetic finish required, Loggia columns can be fabricated at full height or cut down so they sit on a low wall. They are a striking feature on front corners, but can also be sited on the rear corners too, against the wall of any home or even in-between frames on each side of door openings. The addition of a Cornice is an attractive option that adds individual style to any Loggia. The elaborate detailing delivers height and presence, whilst producing a spectacular impression of design finesse and inherent warmth.

Loggia, due to their ingenious construction can be built within a much shorter period than one might expect, without compromising on quality. Because in the majority of cases there is no requirement for Building Regulations, home owners in England can enjoy a Loggia lifestyle far sooner than if using brickwork or block work and render to construct the columns and walls for a more traditional orangery style or bespoke conservatory. Loggia are not only aesthetically different but are a totally new unique way of designing and building a thermally efficient high quality double glazed glass extension.


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