It’s A Case Of ‘Mind The Birdie’ On Local Council Offices Project

Hazlemere’s highly experienced team of installers have had to overcome many an obstacle in their various different undertakings over the years to ensure projects run to their intended timescales, but it’s safe to say they’ve never had work disrupted by a Peregrine falcon before!

That’s exactly what has happened while they progress with exchanging 1,437 windows for energy efficient replacements at Bucks County Hall, home of the local council.

Work at roof level, 200ft up from the ground, has had to be specifically timed so as not to clash with the Peregrine’s breeding season as it continues to defend its nest. Much of the job has also had to commence at night time to prevent employees being disrupted from their duties.

It’s been a massive challenge for everyone at Hazlemere, involving the deployment of 15,000 scaffold tubes, 55,000 fittings and 5,000 walking boards at the iconic building, but at the half-way stage it’s a task we’ve relished.

Company director Barry Matthews said: â€ŔI have lived in Aylesbury all my life and it makes a nice change for a local contractor to be involved in such a prestigious job.”

We just hope that the weather stays on our side for the duration of the £2 million project.


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