“Reassuringly Expensive” high quality replacement double glazing

According to Wikipedia, “Reassuringly Expensive was the Stella Artois advertising slogan in the United Kingdom from 1982 until 2007. The “Reassuringly Expensive” campaign, which aimed to turn a substantial negative for the brand (higher prices due to greater Duty on high-alcohol content beverages in the United Kingdom) into a positive, assuring customers that by being more expensive, the premium lager was better than cheaper brands.”

The Stella Artois campaign sought to establish that paying more for the beer was a guarantee of quality, which made it stand out from its competitors. Certain brands exude quality and the consumer knows in advance purely by the brand name’s association with both the quality and costs of its products. For example, shoppers in Harrods don’t expect to be able to buy Sainsbury basics range, or Asda’s George clothing, they expect high price tags for better quality merchandise produced by brands like Gucci, Channel and Armani.

Likewise, in the UK double glazing industry, property owners don’t expect to pay as much for “C” rated replacement double glazing products marketed at 70% off, or buy one get one free by some National companies looking to shift volume to pay for their TV advertising and marketing campaigns. Consumers wanting higher quality aluminium, hardwood and “A” rated UPVC products with heavier duty security hinges, lockable night vent facilities, and a higher glazing specification of sealed unit, know these products cost more and offer a better return on investment, both thermally and financially.

The term “reassuringly expensive” can therefore apply to the cost of purchasing higher quality replacement double glazing, as the quality of installation is as important as the quality of the products. Excellent products, badly fitted can leak and be thermally inefficient, so when choosing a double glazing supplier and installer, think of the long term value for money offering the more established firms offer, as there is a reason that their price is not the cheapest, and indeed why they have longer waiting lists.

Going for the cheapest quote purely on price, can end up be the costliest route in the end, if the supplier is not around when a problem arises with the product and/or installation in a few years time. Buying replacement windows and doors needs to be viewed as a long term capital investment, and choosing the right product and the right installer that is “reassuringly expensive” is often the most cost effective decision that will deliver you peace of mind and the best return on your investment.


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