Beware quick fit window and/or door fitters

UK homeowners expectations of delivery for bespoke replacement double glazed windows and/or double glazed  doors are not often very realistic. Frankly, tailor made windows and doors are just that, made to measure in terms of design, colour and size. Fenestration products not designed, measured, fabricated or installed correctly can lead to unwanted aggravation.

To highlight this, if a double glazing supplier has a surveyor, fabricator and/or fitters sitting round waiting on your order, it would be sensible to ask them why? There are lots of really decent installers in the UK, many of whom work primarily on recommendation. These sorts of firms are likely to be booked up many weeks in advance, because as a general rule customers would rather wait and have their replacement windows measured right, manufactured right and installed properly, than have all the hassle caused when one or more of these operations is rushed to the detriment of a decent job. Surely is it not better to have really good quality, well made windows and doors fitted well weeks later than to have them installed poorly and be defective?.

It is easy to understand why customers are tempted to rush things along wanting their project completed as fast as possible, or who get pressurized by their builder or developer to buy windows and doors from a firm that their builder “recommends” that will deliver the products when the builder wants. Builders are notorious for wanting to fit new windows and doors as quickly as possible so they can move on to their next building project! Builders can therefore be keen to suggest buying windows and door products where they can get them fast, and not necessary the products that will be the best investment for a UK property owner.

To undertake a replacement window project properly, a professional surveyor should take careful accurate measurements (so they end up fitting properly), then raw materials have to be ordered (any coloured products are likely to be on a longer lead time) along with sealed units from the glass suppliers to ensure these will fit into the frames that are being specially made. Next, the products then need to be scheduled for production, as most double glazing manufacturers will not have skilled workers standing round. Once the products have been fabricated the installations department will need to confirm up the provisional date they will have hopefully pencilled in with you when you placed your order.

Understanding the above process for bespoke fenestration products should set off alarm bells if a double glazing installer says they can supply and fit within a few weeks. Ask yourself, why have they not got a waiting list? It is wise to be wary of any double glazing company “promising” a quick delivery in order to get you to sign up with them, as the last thing you want is to regret handing over a large deposit to the wrong company for the sake of a few weeks wait. So beware the quick fit window or door fitter!


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