It’s ‘Big Energy Saving Week’ -” Time To Stop Wasting Energy In The Home

There’s hardly a day goes by nowadays without the ever-rising cost of household fuel dominating the news agenda as it becomes a growing concern for millions of homeowners.

To highlight the topic further, yesterday marked the start of ‘Big Energy Saving Week’, a campaign arranged between the Energy Saving Trust, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Citizens Advice, designed to inform householders of how they can take control of their energy bills.

Whilst to a certain degree it is fair to point the finger of blame at the energy companies, many of whom have been found to be profiteering at the expense of customers, every householder should take more responsibility for the energy utilised in their home.

For instance, just two years ago, it was estimated by the energy firm E.ON that around £134m of electricity is wasted annually due to people overcharging their mobile devices; it’s a figure that will have almost certainly risen further due to the increasing number of tablets, mobile phones, laptops etc.

To help you save money on fuel costs, we recommend you follow the below courses of actions:

• Cut down on the number of showers and baths you take throughout the week.
• Always fully load your washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer.
• Only fill your kettle with the exact amount of water you need and never over boil it.
• Turn off all the lights in your home when going to bed or going out.
• Never leave appliances on standby.
• Leave the oven door open after cooking to heat up the kitchen.
• Lower your thermostat 1°
• Use the timer on your heating system and set it to come on when you need it.

There are of course several other ways of reducing energy usage including the installation of energy efficient windows and doors as supplied by Hazlemere.


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