Put A Porch On Your Winter Shopping List

The front of your home should instantly grab the attention of visitors and passers-by. Go and stand across the road from your property and it fails to get you excited then how can you expect it to excite others?

It doesn’t mean you have to move home though as you can easily transform your front entrance into something truly spectacular with the integration of a porch enclosure.

A porch won’t just make your home prettier on the eye, it will also add value to it and there are a whole host of other positives to be gained from investing in one such as the following:

Keep the weather out of the house

Opening and closing the door at this time of the year usually results in driving rain, leaves, snow, mud etc. entering our home. By adding another layer to your abode in the form of a porch you will reduce the risk of this occurring.

A place for storage

There’s nothing worse than when someone walks onto your carpet or laminate flooring and leaves muddy footprints all over it. To prevent this from happening, ask all visitors to remove and leave their footwear in the porch, along with any coats, umbrellas etc. Storage of such items will also stop other rooms in the house from becoming overburdened with clutter.

Great for energy efficiency

We utilise a number of energy efficient materials in each of our porch designs so whenever you return home you can expect it to feel warm and cosy and act as a barrier against the cold weather outside.

A secure addition

Whenever you leave your house empty it’s always nice to have the reassurance that it is securely protected from any potential intrusion. A porch will act as a further barrier between your home and the outside world and enable you to identify visitors before allowing them to pass into your private living space.

Get your porch from Hazlemere where we have a selection of them to choose from.


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