Housemaster Integrated Into The Hazlemere Window Company

Following the untimely passing of then Housemaster Home Improvements Ltd owner Clive Brimmell on 15th November 2013, Conservatory Outlet invited Hazlemere Window Company Ltd to enter into dialogue with the receivers of the company after the firm was put into liquidation by the Brimmell family. This resulted in us purchasing the assets of the company so that the Housemaster brand, which has existed for more than 20 years, could live on.

After the agreement was made, Hazlemere bought the existing Housemaster website, and the Housemaster brand, along with its fleet of vans and fantastically loyal and committed workforce. It was also decided that the Hazlemere Group would not be responsible for any other liabilities such as the extra staff and overheads that had been taken on but not budgeted for. It did mean that all of Housemaster Home Improvement Ltd customers lost any time left on the guarantee supplied with any products purchased from the firm previously, however, the insurance backed warranty supplied covered customers for any future remedial works required during the length of the original guarantee. Housemaster customers are afforded further peace of mind as the Hazlemere Window Company Ltd employs four full-time Service Engineers who are qualified to conduct any repairs or replacements on any aluminium and UPVC products as we share the same stock of home improvement offerings.

Almost 18 months down the line, the entire Housemaster brand has now successfully been incorporated into Hazlemere with the branding changed at Housemaster’s fully refurbished Welwyn Garden City showroom so that it adorns the Hazlemere Windows name and logo. With 30 years industry experience, the former Housemaster brand and its customers couldn’t be in better hands than they are with the Hazlemere Window Company Ltd.


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