Why We Should Be Indebted To The Victorians

When you think about it, the Victorians really were ahead of their time.

They surely could never have anticipated all these years on that the glass houses created at that time within which exotic plants used to be grown would eventually be transformed into the luxurious conservatory and orangery designs that exist today.

Not to mention that they would go on to be crafted from the finest materials and be utilised in innumerable different ways such as being converted into additional living and dining rooms, kitchens, playrooms etc.

So that you get a double glazed conservatory or orangery of a sufficient modern-day standard you need to appoint a firm with the necessary credentials to construct a design that meets your available budget and who will take on-board all your personal requirements.

Hazlemere is one of those companies.

When appointed by a customer we always conduct a thorough site survey and establish how often they intend on utilising the structure. Most people choose to use it all-year round, in which case heating is a very important consideration and can be catered for by equipping the design with the very latest glass and framing technology. This will prevent overheating or coolness in winter.

There are several different types of glass, some that are designed to reflect heat way, with others containing a reflective coating to help keep any heat generated inside. Tinted glass is another option for preventing excessive glare.

The inclusion of opening vents in the ceiling will also allow heat to escape quickly in summer so that the internal temperature remains comfortable at all times which can be further aided by the installation of a fan.

Properly assessing every option available to you will ensure that you get the conservatory or orangery you always dreamed of so talk in depth to our team first and sustain the Victorian legacy.


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