How To Improve Home Security

You should never have a feeling of anxiety whenever you leave your home empty or go to bed at night. If you do then it is a clear indication that you are not entirely convinced that your home security is up to scratch.

Safeguarding your home should sit high at the top of your list of priorities. Here are a few ways you can reduce any threat to it:

1. Replace windows and doors

Are you 100% certain that your existing windows and doors are secure enough? If you feel any sort of give when they’re meant to be locked then they need to be replaced immediately. Contemporary double glazed windows and doors contain multi-point locking mechanisms that when locked, stay locked. The glass within them can also only be removed from the inside of the house.

2. Buy an alarm

Fit a reliable alarm system that instantly detects when someone unlawfully enters your home. The noise it makes should be loud enough to alert anyone occupying the house or your neighbours whenever it is empty. Test it regularly to check that it is doing its job properly and doesn’t let you down at a vital moment.

3. Close and open the curtains

Leaving your curtains closed throughout the daytime or leaving them open in the middle of the night is a clear indication that your house is unoccupied. Open and close them appropriately, or if you’re going away for a few days ask a friend or relative to pop in and do it for you.

4. Ask the neighbours for help

Advise your neighbours to let you know if they ever spot anyone acting suspiciously in very close proximity to your home. Find out if there’s also a local neighbourhood watch scheme you can join to similarly aid others.

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