New Conservatory Roof Options Available At Hazlemere

Fed up of your conservatory being a complete no-go area in summer because it feels like an oven inside? Hazlemere has two new conservatory glazing solutions available to ensure you of all-year round conservatory comfort.

The first is the Eco-Lite™ Suncool One 60/40, which eliminates any risk of a conservatory ever becoming too hot or cold due to the outstanding solar control and thermal insulation it provides. It even minimises glare so the enjoyment of occupants is enhanced and any conservatory furniture inside is protected from harmful rays and potential damage.

It manages to stay so cool in the summertime because it reflects away much of the energy generated by the sun, most useful for south or west facing conservatories. Even in winter, the Eco-Lite™ Suncool One 60/40 will reduce heat loss as it has a U Value of just 1.0, meaning the space remains warm enough without you having to over rely on a heating system, reducing energy bills in the process. This also results in a reduced carbon footprint, aiding the environment.

Our other new addition is the Eco-Lite™ Activ-Sunshade Blue glass, an ideal option for when the positioning of a conservatory roof makes it awkward to regularly clean. This is because it contains a self-clean coating, plus photocatalytic and hydrophilic properties that clear away much of the dirt that forms on the glass surface.

Again, it cuts the glare of the sun and also blocks up to 80% of heat by reflecting it away from the space to help make it liveable at all times of the year. Much of the credit for this must go to the expansive pieces of glass.

We are delighted to be able to integrate these revolutionary products into our range and bring them to our customers.

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