Door Promotion Now Underway At Hazlemere

The UK’s newest season is just a few days away and it has put a real spring in our step. So much so that we have decided to run a very special door promotion until the end of the Easter weekend.

Golden Oak Composite Door

Starting last Tuesday and ending on Tuesday 18th April, we are offering the following discounted door deals:

  1. Buy a composite front door and get a 20% discount on a composite back door or 45% off a UPVC back door.
  1. Buy any UPVC front door with a decorative panel and get a 45% discount on a UPVC back door.
  1. Buy any aluminium French doors / Bi-folding doors or patio doors and get 45% off a UPVC front door or 20% off a composite door.

There’s no better time of year to buy a brand new door. Lighter days mean that any external doors will come firmly under the microscope over the coming months and you want them looking their very best.

Our entire suite of UPVC, aluminium and composite doors will benefit any home in the following ways:

  • Low maintenance

Frequent door usage and inclement weather can eventually take their toll on a traditional door, resulting in the need for thorough maintenance. The only maintenance our doors need is the occasional wipe with a wet cloth as the frames and their components are enduring and weather-resistant.

  • High energy efficiency

Your existing door/s could be the cause of expensive energy bills due to them allowing hot air to escape from the home and cold air in. Replacing your old door for a new UPVC, aluminium or composite door will markedly improve energy efficiency, keep heating costs down and interiors warm.

  • High security

Do you have concerns about whether your home is secure enough? You’re right to be concerned if you notice any give in your doors when you try to open them when they’re locked. The toughness of a UPVC, aluminium or composite door frame, combined with their clever locking mechanisms will keep your home out of the clutches of thieves.

The clock is ticking until this exclusive door promotion comes to an end. View the full door range at Hazlemere here and take full advantage of these amazing discounts.


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