4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Porch

A sure-fire way to impress people who visit your home is to have an inviting entrance and an attractive porch that complements the character and styling of the house always earns a firm nod of approval.

White UPVC Porch

It adds another dimension to any property and gives you even more home to love and cherish. It is amazing how invaluable they prove to be too for the modern-day homeowner in other ways as their stylishness is just one major asset of porch ownership.

There are at least 4 other reasons why if you haven’t invested in a porch yet you should seriously think about doing so.

      1.     Extra storage

As our family grows, our home seemingly shrinks. Moving isn’t an option for many and why bother moving when you can have a porch fitted and use it as a storage point for any hats, coats, shoes and bags.

Putting a coat hanger or shoe rack in the porch will give you somewhere you can neatly place and store such clothing accessories out of the way and prevent them from cluttering up other areas of the house.

      2.    Warmer hallway

A poorly insulated front door with single glazing allows cold air to pass through it and results in hallways becoming icy cold.

UPVC porches come fitted with double or triple glazing and help to improve thermal efficiency by keeping out the cold. You will be very thankful for the additional layer of insulation it provides in winter.

     3.    Better security

Do you ever fret about leaving your home empty for an extended period of time? Fret no more when you have a porch.

The sophisticated locking system incorporated into the design offers reliable secure performance that keeps your home firmly protected from intrusion. The windows are also sealed tightly as a further barrier for thieves to overcome.

    4.     A place for post

It’s really frustrating when you’re due to receive a package of some sort but you’re not in at the time and because it’s too large for the letterbox it either gets returned to the nearest depot or given to a neighbour you may not necessarily know for safe keeping.

Such items could be left in the porch by the postman. Just remember though that you will usually have to take financial responsibility for it should it be removed by someone after delivery.

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Porches are easy to install, but before any installation can go ahead, the proposed porch design must adhere to planning permission and building regulations. Hazlemere will advise on this and arrange when necessary.

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