4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To UPVC Roofline

It cannot be reiterated enough just how important it is that you look after your old roofline. Neglecting to do so can lead to a string of roof-related issues. Upgrading to UPVC roofline will massively reduce the chances of this happening.

UPVC Roofline

If you don‘t know much about roofline here is a series of short descriptions of the various components that make up the roofline of your home.


The fascia board is a prolonged straight board that spans across the lower edge of the roof. It is attached to the bottom ends of the roof trusses and its main purpose is to carry any guttering. It should also offer a decorative finish.


Located under the fascia board, the soffit board is a visible part of the roofline. Ventilation of the soffit enables air to flow into the roof, usually achieved by supplying ventilation over the top of the fascia board. Failure to ventilate properly can result in condensation.


Predominantly utilised on the gable end of a roof to disguise the ends of the roof timbers, the bargeboard has no guttering fixed to it. It is important that the bargeboard is kept in good condition as it can have a strong influence on the aesthetics of a home.


Your guttering runs around the border of the roof and is designed to catch and funnel away any water that lands on the roof. This prevents the water from damaging external surfaces and entering into the home.


Cladding typically comes in two types of style (Shiplap and Open V) and a wide variety of colours. Fixed horizontally or diagonally depending on what suits the property best, it can immediately enhance the look of any home.

Apart from it shielding your roof from water damage, potentially irreversible damage, the installation of UPVC roofline will also offer the following four benefits:

  1. Repairing your old roofline can be extremely expensive and very inconvenient. Covering up the cracks so to speak will only work for a certain period of time before you inevitably experience more problems. The installation of UPVC roofline will permanently solve any issues and prove more cost effective in the long run.
  1. UPVC roofline is maintenance-free and can withstand all types of weather without its appearance or performance being affected. Wiping the roofline with a wet cloth yearly should be enough to remove any dirt or marks.
  1. You can have it supplied in a number of different colours. Finding a finish that complements your home shouldn’t be a problem.
  1. Exchanging worn out timber roofline for pristine UPVC roofline will completely transform the appearance of your home. It will impress guests, improve the valuation of your home and make it more sellable.

Give your old roofline the boot and get the very best UPVC roofline at Hazlemere, together with a 10 year guarantee as an assurance of its lasting quality.




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