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5 Reasons Why Bi-Folding Doors Are A Great Investment

Demand for our home improvements has been very strong this summer, particularly for our beautiful bi-folding doors.

Aluminium Bi-Folding Internal View Of Garden

They appeal to those who love the idea of effortlessly being able to open up their property by anything up to a width of six or seven metres. This isn’t achievable with patio doors or French doors.

We’re regularly told that making worthwhile enhancements to our home will prove to be an invaluable investment and the integration of bi-folding doors is mostly certainly that.

We’ve come up with five key reasons why they’re definitely worth your money.

  1. The way they open and close is a sight to behold

We love watching the reaction of people who are operating a set of bi-folding doors for the first time. They’re often left completely open-mouthed by how the individual door leafs all gracefully concertina as they’re pushed along the track. Closing the doors is no less of an unforgettable experience.

  1. They will draw in fresh air like nothing else

It’s a real luxury at this time of the year when temperatures are at their highest to use bi-folding doors to create a giant undisturbed opening. The outdoor air that rushes into your internal space will keep it thoroughly insulated so that it doesn’t feel in the slightest bit stuffy. You can also create multiple other openings of your choice.

  1. They’re unbeatable in the looks department

You cannot help be seduced by the outstanding aesthetics offered by bi-folding doors. Aluminium-built bi-folding doors are especially pleasing on the eye as the aluminium frames are amazingly slender and they can accommodate very large pieces of glass that virtually extend from top to bottom.

  1. They will give you a unique perspective

When you have bi-folding doors installed between your home, conservatory or orangery and the garden, the lengthy glazed panes will give you an outstanding view of your outdoor surroundings. You will adore gazing at the panoramic view whenever you fancy just switching off from the world and unwinding.

  1. They don’t need any upkeep

The last thing you want to be having to do on a regular basis is repainting and preserving your bi-folding doors. You won’t have to as UPVC and aluminium are both maintenance-free materials that only require the occasional clean with a wet cloth to remove any dirt or marks that have built up on the frames and restore the immaculate finish.

Hazlemere has bi-folding doors to meet all tastes

We give you multiple options when buying bi-folding doors and let you have the final say on e.g. colour, configuration, handles.

Should you need any advice on which bi-folding doors are best for your home either give us a call or pop into our High Wycombe showroom.

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