What Exactly Are A+ Plus Windows?

When buying new white goods (washing machines, fridges) you will notice that they carry an EU Energy Label that quickly tells you how energy efficient a particular appliance is.

White Aluminium Windows

Windows have a similar rainbow labelling system – Window Energy Rating (WER).

Until recently, A+ windows were the most energy efficient windows you could buy. But around two years ago, A+ Plus windows were developed and overtook their status as the country’s most thermally efficient window offering.  

Always ahead of the curve, Hazlemere was one of the first UK window companies to begin supplying and fitting A+ Plus windows.  

Here are the key features of an A+ Plus window:


  • Combines a window frame with five insulating chambers, and a sash frame with six insulating chambers.


  • A Bubble Gasket is included to create a good compression seal when the window closes.


  • The glass unit is composed of a number of up-to-the-minute materials to control heat transference between the indoors and outdoors.


  • The sealed unit also promotes solar gain, using the warmth of the sun to heat the inside of your home.


Here are the chief benefits of A+ Plus windows:


  • Your energy bills will become far more affordable as A+ Plus windows eliminate heat loss and retain heat more efficiently than any other window which will make you less dependent on your boiler system.


  • Becoming less reliant on your boiler will also lower your home’s carbon footprint, something all householders should be looking to do if we are to preserve the environment for future generations.


  • Triple glazing can easily be incorporated into an A+ Plus window if you want to maximise thermal efficiency.


  • They will make your home a lot more secure as A+ Plus windows contain the very latest secure mechanisms. When they’re properly locked there’s very little chance of anyone forcing or breaking them.


You’ll be repaid for years to come when you invest in A+ Plus windows

If finances allow, we definitely recommend that you buy A+ Plus windows. Hazlemere is able to provide you with them in a multitude of colours and styles so that they perfectly complement your home.

We can quickly give you a price for A+ Plus windows when you request a quote.





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