How To Update Your Home In Time For Christmas

Here’s a scary thought – there are just 80 days left until Christmas!

If you have several family members to buy for then you best start your shopping now. And if you’re planning on inviting some of these people round to your home for the annual turkey dinner you need to prepare your home for their arrival.

Time is of the essence to enhance your home via Hazlemere where we have every possible home improvement product needed to transform your residence before Santa takes to his sleigh.   

Get these home essentials fitted for Christmas…

UPVC / Aluminium Windows

When cold air gets into your home it’s usually because your existing windows are failing to provide sufficient thermal efficiency, especially if they’re single glazed timber windows. No-one wants to walk into a house that feels icy cold.

The installation of UPVC / Aluminium windows will improve heat retention and eliminate any draughts. The internal feel will be much toastier once your old windows have been removed and replacement windows have been integrated into your property.

A reduction in heat loss will also result in your energy costs dropping, giving your more money to splash out on presents.

UPVC / Composite / Timber Doors

Your front door sets the whole tone for your house, so it needs to look impressive. Any discernible sign of wear and tear can reflect poorly on where you live and leave guests with a frown on their faces.

Similar to old windows, an old front door is also prone to letting in outdoor air, resulting in a sub-zero hallway.

Get superior looks and superior thermal performance with a new UPVC / Composite / Aluminium door to wow anyone who wanders indoors. Each of these door offerings requires the minimum of maintenance too.


It may seem insignificant in comparison to window and door replacements, but the roofline on your home should receive the same level of attention when your current guttering, cladding and soffits have diminished in appearance and performance. As roofline ages, damp also becomes more susceptible.

Shiny new roofline will lift the entire look of the house, keep it completely free from water damage and because our roofline is crafted from UPVC, you don’t need to concern yourself with any cleaning.

For further inspirational ways of getting your home into shape for Santa, visit our Inspirations page to see the many products we’ve fitted for other householders anxious to create the perfect Christmas setting.


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