What Is Secondary Glazing?

We’ve all heard of single glazing, double glazing and triple glazing, but some people will be unfamiliar with secondary glazing.

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Secondary glazing is well known and frequently used in the industry and it will be useful for you to know exactly what it is and how it may well benefit you and your home.

Secondary glazing is a window for a window

Secondary glazing is a very slender window that can be applied to any existing windows in your house to enhance energy efficiency and acoustic insulation.

When it has been added to your current windows in the appropriate style you will hardly notice any difference to the actual appearance of the windows. The biggest difference will be how much warmer your interior feels and how much quieter it is.

It can be fitted extremely quickly too so that you’re not left hanging around waiting for enhanced window performance. Research has also shown that secondary glazing can cut the cost of energy bills by around 10%.

Who does secondary glazing most benefit?

There are around 500,000 listed buildings in the UK. Minor improvements can usually be made to listed buildings without any issues, but before any major improvements can be made to a listed building that may alter its character, such as a new window installation, Listed Building Consent needs to be obtained.

When Listed Building Consent is refused but you desperately need to eliminate cold draughts and excess noise from a listed building, secondary glazing is your best bet as Listed Building Consent is not required.

It is also an option for anyone living in rented accommodation or within a conservation area who desires greater thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation.

Hazlemere supplies and fits secondary glazing

You can buy secondary glazing from Hazlemere. Our installation teams are skilled enough to incorporate it into most window types.

Secondary glazing will provide you with a more pleasant home to live in and keep you in the good books of the planners!





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