Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows

Has there been a noticeably frosty feel inside your home over the past few months? It’s a sign that your existing windows may need replacing for the very latest energy efficient windows.

Windows in Loggia Conservatory

Ageing windows simply cannot cope with the weather and allow cold air indoors through the glass and every little gap that has established. Unless you’re happy to continue shivering, you need to invest in them now and appoint Hazlemere to carry out the installation.

Why Hazlemere? Because we have performed thousands of window installations and supply energy efficient double glazing and triple glazing.

Get any of these energy efficient window products fitted by us and your investment will be more than justified when you consider what they will do for you and your home.

Warmer interior

Shiver no more as the heat generated by your boiler will be retained and it won’t be able to escape quite so easily. Our windows can also heat your home themselves by transferring in any warmth of the sun.  

Cheaper energy bills

Several major energy suppliers have upped their prices in recent weeks including E.ON, not what a homeowner needs when we’re experiencing one of the coldest winters for some time.

A new window installation will drive down the cost of household energy as the glazing and frame have high insulating qualities and will cut heat loss.

Lower carbon footprint

Utilising less energy in your home will also lower your carbon footprint and that’s beneficial for the environment.

At the same time as changing your windows, you may also want to check that your boiler is offering suitable energy efficiency and replace old appliances for more energy efficient models – further methods of reducing your carbon footprint.

Enhanced security

Let’s not forget the main purpose of any window – to protect your home against outside intrusion.

A high percentage of burglaries occur because of insecure windows, but there’s nothing insecure about an energy efficient window as it has a resilient frame, tamper-free lock and glass that can only be removed indoors.

A cosy and safe home is a happy home

It’s the perfect time to be commissioning a new window design from Hazlemere as you can currently get 30% off double and triple glazed windows. Visit our Offers page to find out more.


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