Still Living With Timber Roofline?

Householders often overlook the importance of their timber roofline and it can be a costly mistake once their timber cladding, fascias and soffits begin to deteriorate in looks and performance.

UPVC Roofline

There’s absolutely no disputing the natural qualities of wood. Looked after properly, wood is an undeniably beautiful building material, however, maintaining wood is extremely hard work and it is more susceptible to damage and fire. Continuous exposure to the elements also takes its toll on timber roofline, causing it to swell, crack, peel and generally suffer in quality, leaving it in poor condition.

Does this all sound like a familiar story? If you’re still living with timber roofline, you ought to prioritise replacing it with the latest UPVC roofline from Hazlemere.

Ditch timber roofline for UPVC roofline

Once UPVC roofline has been fitted at your home, you will never have to worry about it again. No painting or restoration is necessary, only a wiping of the roofline with a wet cloth every couple of years to remove any marks or dirt and leave it gleaming.

You can clad over your current cladding, fascias and soffits, but we would recommend that you completely strip the existing wooden roofline before any new UPVC roofline is put in place. The only justification for cladding over existing wooden roofline would be if it’s in immaculate condition, which is highly unlikely.

Leave roofline fitting to the experts

Some people attempt to replace their roofline themselves, but they need to be good with heights and have total confidence that they have the right installation skills. The last thing you want is for faulty installation to cause further problems in the not too distant future. You’re much better appointing a company like Hazlemere.

We both stock and fit a full array of roofline products and promise that once they’ve been assimilated into your home they will boost its appearance and protect it. Why ‘wood’ you choose anything other than UPVC?

Download our Roofline Buyer’s Guide for more insightful info on UPVC roofline.   






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