Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Windows And Doors

Walk along any street locally and you will see windows and doors coloured in a classic white finish everywhere and what a fantastic colour choice it is too!

Chartwell Green Aluminium Windows

You know when opting for a traditional finish like this that your windows and doors will look forever ageless, but there are countless other timeless finishes available nowadays if you don’t want to follow the crowd.

Granted, up until a few years ago, black and white were just about the only coloured finishes you could choose from when buying replacement windows and doors – not any more though!

Hazlemere offers an unbelievably broad choice of colours whether you’re after new windows and doors crafted from UPVC, aluminium or a composite material. Indeed, coloured windows and doors are one of our biggest sellers.

It is important we stress that white and black are still an essential part of our extensive colour palette as their popularity shows no signs of diminishing, only they now sit alongside fantastic modern finishes like Chartwell Green, Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue – the list really does go on and on…

Several of these colour options use a woodgrain foil. Application of these woodgrain foil finishes ensures the respective window / door design expertly imitates a timber effect if you’re smitten with the natural look of wood. Anyone observing a foil finished window or door for the first time will have a double take when informed that it’s not actually built from timber.

Our colour range is so extensive due to us also being heavily committed to developing aluminium windows.

Aluminium window buyers have the luxury of choosing almost any colour they can think of and every aluminium finish is only applied after undergoing an 11-stage coating process. This intricate method is actioned to ensure that the final finish offers that lasting quality and doesn’t fade away over time. In any case, all of our window materials and finishes are maintenance-free. Just use hot soapy water and a cloth to remove any dirt that forms on the frame.

Very often our customers find it difficult trying to choose one finish over another as there’s so many to pick from. In these circumstances, they’re informed that they can have a dual-coloured finish; one colour on one side of the frame and a contrasting colour on the other side. This may work best for the relevant interior and exterior, so don’t be afraid to mix finishes.

Buy any coloured windows and doors from Hazlemere and you will also receive a 10 year guarantee. Arrange for a FREE quote to be put together for you.





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