Let The Outside In With Bi-Folding Doors

What a summer it’s been so far! We’ve enjoyed what’s arguably been the greatest ever World Cup and the weather has been absolutely glorious with temperatures being compared to the infamous heatwave of 1976.

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Fully Open Internal

This frankly, very unBritish-like weather has probably enticed you to spend most of your time outside in the garden and rightly so, especially if you’re the proud owner of a set of bi-folding doors.

We say that as bi-folding doors supply the most elegant of entrances towards the outdoors when they’re integrated into a suitable bit of wall space at the rear of your house.

While a patio door offers a slight side opening and a French door provides a neat outward double opening, you can establish an enormously wide opening with a bi-folding door. This is because bi-folds can encompass as many as 7 individual panes, down to a minimum of 2 individual panes. When actioned, they lure in the outdoors into the heart of the indoors and create one giant living area, temporarily ridding you of the boundary that exists between the two settings.  

You would perceive a 7-pane long bi-folding door as being hard work to manoeuvre, but quite the opposite is true as all our bi-folding doors are crafted from aluminium, a very lightweight building material. Just a gentle push is enough to make the entire set of door leafs concertina as they make their way along the tracking system and reach their end point, leaving an immensely undisturbed opening.

Of course, this weather won’t last forever; we only wish it would! When the rain returns and the sun does a disappearing act it will obviously prevent you from operating your bi-folding doors open as often. But that shouldn’t spoil the enjoyment you get from them as the slenderness of the aluminium frames and wealth of glass you get ensures you see the most stunning external views imaginable. Fingers crossed though that this sensational summer continues to sizzle for a little bit longer yet.

Separate to their summer selling-points, bi-folding doors offer a number of all-year round benefits:

  • Beautiful, modern appearance
  • Solidity, strength and security
  • Low U-values, high thermal efficiency
  • Add to the resale cost of your home

If you’ve now got bi-folds on the brain it must be a sign that they ought to be your first choice of home improvement this summer. You can see several examples of what Hazlemere can do on our bi-folding doors page.



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