How To Get A Replacement FENSA Certificate

Picture the following scenario…

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You’re in the process of selling your home and the proposed buyer, or their solicitor, asks you for the FENSA certificate originally issued to you when you had replacement windows or doors fitted to it by a FENSA registered company, but you cannot find it. What do you do?

While a lost / misplaced FENSA certificate can delay the sale of a house, it’s no reason for the sale to fall through as you can easily organise for a replacement FENSA certificate to be sent to you.

The installation should be registered on the FENSA website if it took place after April 2002, but if you cannot find any details of it and it was definitely a FENSA member that you used, get in contact with the relevant firm and ask them to register it ASAP! It normally takes about 2-4 weeks for you to receive a FENSA certificate after an installation has been completed.

The FENSA website is where you can also order a replacement FENSA certificate. Inputting your postcode and house name / number should bring up details of the installation and you then just need to pay the £25 including VAT charge to secure the replacement certificate, or more than one FENSA certificate if your property has had more than one installation since April 2002. 

Once received, this can be passed on to the new owner of the house who should keep the certificate in a safe place so that they can similarly pass it on if they sell the property.

Be advised that you cannot get a replacement certificate directly from a FENSA installer as they do not issue FENSA certificates, only FENSA themselves do that.

You can self-install new windows and doors or use a company that isn’t a member of a Competent Persons Scheme like FENSA, but it makes far more sense to stick to a FENSA member like Hazlemere as you know everything will be above board and sorted for you.

Our FENSA Registered No. is 10589 if you want to look up our company profile on the FENSA website.



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