How To Keep The Cost Of Your Energy Bills Down

Energy bills have increased dramatically over the past decade or so. Currently, the average annual dual fuel variable tariff stands at £1,138 a year with the average annual gas bill accounting for roughly £752 of that overall figure.

When green energy supplier Bulb announced a price hike for its customers last month, it became the 41st bill increase announced by an energy provider this year alone!

If energy costs are increasingly eating into your finances you need to take action and do something about it now before winter really arrives.

There are a number of proven steps you can implement to make energy costs more affordable.

Switch energy supplier

There are still thousands of householders out there that have never switched energy supplier, but loyalty to your energy supplier doesn’t pay off. You could potentially save £400 a year if you’ve never switched before. Significant savings can also be made even if you have switched on several occasions.

It only takes a matter of minutes to get some quotes. Just visit an energy comparison site and be armed with your existing energy bill.

Stop overcharging your devices

We are all guilty at some time of leaving our phone or tablet charging overnight. You need to break this habit as it will be costing you money unnecessarily. As soon as your devices are charged, unplug the charger!

Likewise, refrain from using the standby button on your TV remote rather than flicking the “off” switch on the wall as your TV will continue to consume energy. The same goes for any other appliances with a standby function.

Arrange a boiler service

It is important that your boiler is serviced annually by an engineer as they will inspect it and check whether there are any potential problems and if it is performing as effectively as it should be.

The service cost will be worth every penny when you consider how inconvenient it would be if the boiler broke down in the middle of a freezing cold winter. This is far less likely to happen when it’s regularly serviced.

Fit energy efficient windows and doors

Your windows and doors have a huge role to play in keeping your home warm and they may be responsible for your energy bills escalating due to them offering a poor standard of insulation.

They should be replaced with thermally efficient substitutes such as Hazlemere’s brand new flush casement windows or our superb new array of composite doors as they deliver exceptionally low U-Values. Once they’re fitted, your boiler won’t need to exert as much energy.

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