National Home Security Month – How To Keep Your Home Safe

The month of October marks National Home Security Month, an initiative designed to raise awareness of the importance of home security. Currently, burglary occurs in the UK every 40 seconds.

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You won’t want your home to be a thief’s next successful target, so if you suspect that you can do more to secure the place in which you live, don’t hesitate to take action; otherwise you could come to regret it! Keep in mind too that a thief is more likely to strike in the autumn / winter months due to there being fewer daylight hours.

Make sure their efforts to get inside your home go unrewarded by implementing our top home security measures.

New window / door installation

All that stands between someone entering into your property improperly are its windows and doors. Many burglaries transpire due to the ineffective security offered by a window or door, indeed, there have been instances where burglars have been provided with an open window or door into a residence.

Firstly, ensure that your windows and doors are properly locked before you go up to bed or when you’re about to leave the building empty. Secondly, check that these windows and doors are resilient enough when locked, otherwise they need replacing at the soonest opportunity.

Organise a house sitter

Some burglaries happen whilst people are off on their holidays, perhaps because their curtains have been kept drawn during the duration of their getaway or post is hanging out of their letterbox, obvious signs of a house being empty.

Get a trusted friend or family member to either stay over in your absence or make regular checks on the property, opening and drawing the curtains appropriately for the time of day and removing any post.

Fit an alarm system

Last year, home security specialists Yale discovered that 70 per cent of Brits don’t have a burglar alarm in their home. It’s an alarming figure (pardon the pun) when you consider that 2017 saw a 9% rise in home burglaries compared with 2016.

A good burglar alarm solution will offer both a visible and audible deterrent to make thieves think twice about attempting to force their way into your private living quarters. Don’t be put off by the price of a reliable alarm as it will be a small cost to pay compared to how costly a break-in could be.

Have Hazlemere bolster your home security

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