Being FCA approved is no walk in the park

Hazlemere Window Company Ltd are proud to be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, but also very mindful of the awesome responsibility this encompasses.

Applying for Full FCA Approval is no small undertaking as it is a very detailed, extensive and lengthy process, where every stone is turned over and each company and every company director of that company is scrutinised. In-fact the FCA require a separate application filled out for every Director, and in the case of Hazlemere Windows, every one of the company’s six directors have been individually approved by the FCA as “Approved Persons”.

The reason Hazlemere’s Board of Directors decided to go down the Fully Authorised FCA route was because more and more companies within the home improvement sector were offering customers credit finance as an option, and Hazlemere Windows wanted to ensure that any new customer, or existing customers wishing to order additional products, were able to benefit from the excellent financial products that are currently available to consumers. For details on the latest credit finance options available to Hazlemere Windows customers visit

As part of protecting potential and existing customers who visit any one of Hazlemere Window Company’s websites, Hazlemere Windows invested in making each of their websites secure for customers to visit, as the company also takes it’s GDPR responsibilities very seriously, which is something the FCA no doubt would expect of any of their Approved Companies to do. The FCA expect Approved FCA Companies to undertake regular assessment to ensure they are treating their customers fairly and to ensure that each and every customer ordering new windows, doors or a conservatory has the option of credit finance on whatever terms the particular company in question chooses to offer.

A major advantage for credit finance customers is that it is a bit like them ordering products and services by credit card, in that the finance company by law has to offer the consumer a warranty insurance which mirrors the company in question own guarantee, so that in the very unlikely event of it ceasing to trade, the finance company then steps in and delivers the warranty up to its original expiry date.


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