Need A Solid Roof? Find Out Which Style Will Suit Your Property

As has become customary in summer at Hazlemere, we have received a considerable number of enquiries about our solid roofs from customers that either already own a conservatory or want one.  

We can only presume that it’s due to existing conservatory owners wanting to put a permanent end to the temperature control issues they experience in their extension over summer and aspiring conservatory owners being keen not to land themselves with an extension that really burns up inside in hot weather.

Solid roofs are a product that we covered in some length in a blog post we wrote a few days ago. But, what we didn’t go into quite so much in that piece are the types of solid roof we offer to customers.


Precision engineered to make it quick and simple to fit, the UltraRoof is ranked as the lightest tiled conservatory roofing system on the market.

Featuring authentic looking replica tiles in a range of colours, it’s also the most thermally efficient warm roof system available, with a U-value of only 0.17 as standard.

Full rectangular glass panels (solar controlled panels if preferred) can be integrated into the covering to provide the extension’s interior with lots of natural light, preventing the need for roof windows.

It is one of the very few LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland) approved roof systems, which can enhance your chances of receiving Building Regulations approval.

Replacement Tiled Roof

No prizes for guessing that this roofing solution is meant as a replacement roofing system for existing conservatories, though it can also serve as a replacement roof for old orangeries too.

Composed of a rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, our replacement tiled roofs can be supplied either with lightweight tiles or lightweight slates in a host of traditional weather-resistant colours.

To compensate for any loss of light that occurs upon the installation of the roof, you can include one or two double glazed roof windows in it.


We can say with absolute honesty that either of these solid roof systems will make your new or old conservatory blend in beautifully with your home, so it’s impossible to go wrong with your choice. To read more about our solid roofs click here.





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