Discover What 2020’s Hottest Home Décor Trends Will Be

After you’ve taken all your internal Christmas decorations down, the inside of your home can feel bare and a bit lifeless. Don’t be down about it though. Use it as an incentive to give the place a New Year makeover to leave it looking just as thriving as it did throughout the festive period.

Ahead of any home transformation, you need to have some idea of current home trends and use them as inspiration. Being aware of what’s ‘in’ and taking note of them when remodelling your interior will ensure that the changes you make are considered fashionable.

Rather than having to trawl through countless websites and magazines to find out what will be making waves this year, Hazlemere has rounded up three of 2020’s biggest home trends for you:

‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’ will be the Colours of the Year

Looking to introduce a new colour scheme in one or more rooms? ‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’ were recently respectively unveiled as the 2020 Colour of the Year for Dulux and Pantone.

Sitting somewhere between a green, blue and grey, ‘Tranquil Green’ is “inspired by the morning sky” and a very calming colour, which makes it ideal for bedroom areas, where peacefulness is forever a necessity.

Bold is a very apt way to describe ‘Classic Blue’, a colour termed as being “a timeless and enduring blue hue” The world’s top designers suggest using Classic Blue as an accent wall shade or making a statement with it in the form of a large sofa or painted cabinets.

Curvy furniture

You may have a new sofa and chairs in your mind after being bombarded with sofa adverts on TV over Christmas.

Instead of the usual square and rectangular furniture, people will be looking to buy rounded furniture, a trend that was very fashionable in the 1980’s. It’s thought that curved shapes induce a feeling of calmness upon people.

Curved furniture can also be useful for compact spaces as it will often take up less room than traditional shaped furniture.


‘Japandi’ is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles and set to be one of the year’s hottest interior trends.

Offering simplicity and minimalism, it’s an ideal interior style if you want an uncluttered space that feels warm and cosy in equal measure and prefer furniture made from natural materials.

Indoor plants are also a fundamental element of the Japandi look, which ties in nicely to the expected rising use of houseplants e.g. spider plants and cacti, this year.

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