How To Put A Festive Spin On Your Home For Christmas

After the year we’ve all had it gives us every reason to make Christmas at home something really special.  

While you won’t be able to go out celebrating quite like you normally would do, you can still have lots of festive fun with your fellow housemates, and with friends and family members via video-calling platforms, like Zoom. 

Pull out all of the stops with your home too, going all out with your decorations, inside and outside.

We find that the decorating is best done whilst listening to a few Christmas tunes, with the fire on and some mince pies to keep you fuelled. 

Santa will be ho ho ho impressed on Christmas morning if he arrives to a house decorated with touches like these:

An upside-down Christmas tree

Hanging a Christmas tree upside-down is what they do in Australia. Only kidding! 

It’s the newest Christmas craze, one that’s been popularised by celebs such as Ariana Grande. However, it was commonplace to do this in the middle ages for religious reasons.

You can buy upside-down trees from retailers including Christmas Tree World, which you can hang to the ceiling. It will cause a real stir if you post a picture of it on social media.

Stairs dressed up for the season

We tend to forget about our stairs when decorating at Christmas and just concentrate on adding some Christmas sparkle to our windows and doors. 

Make the most of their potential and have a garland running down the length of your bannister, either on top of it, or along its base. There are also stringed garlands you can buy that you can wind around the stair rails. 

Placing little Christmas boxes on each of the steps (maybe collectively spelling out the word ‘Christmas’) will also add some festive cheer to the house. 

Front door wrapping

There’s not just presents to wrap this Christmas, but also your front door. Do away with the customary door wreath this year and wrap your door to look like a Christmas present. 

If your front door is white or light-coloured, buy some red fabric, along with a large bow, heavy duty magnet and some duct tape. 

The door will need to be measured so that the fabric can be cut to size. Then wrap the door with the fabric and tape it down, sticking the bow to the heavy duty magnet.

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