3 Ways Of Significantly Cutting The Cost Of Your Energy Bills

Winter can be a financially challenging time of year for people because of the expense of Christmas, and for some, the rising cost of their energy bills also won’t help. 

More energy than normal will be consumed in most homes this winter due to the number of people having to work from home. 

This has been highlighted in recent days, just before the start of Big Energy Saving Week (begins 18th January), after experts warned that the average household energy bill could increase by £171 this year.

But you can take steps to avoid such a big price hike, and by doing so, will save an absolutely fortune:

Move to a different energy supplier

Loyalty to an energy supplier very rarely pays off in the long-term.

You’re losing out on a huge saving if you’ve never switched supplier before, and it’s incredibly easy to do it, either off your own back, or with assistance from companies such as ‘Look After My Bills’ 

Jumping ship for the first-time could make you an annual saving of £300+. We then recommend that you do a price-check every 12 months to ensure you’re on the cheapest tariff. 

Fit a new boiler

A very old boiler will provide nothing close to the level of thermal efficiency that the more advanced boilers on the market provide, and older models have a tendency to break down at inconvenient times. 

Admittedly, buying a new thermally efficient boiler won’t be cheap, but the money it will save you over its 15+ year lifespan makes it a wise investment. 

The Energy Saving Trust state on their website that upgrading to an A-rated boiler can reduce the annual household fuel bill by around £340. 

Install energy efficient windows and doors 

We are always banging the drum for energy efficient windows and doors and we do so with conviction because we know that they can significantly reduce heat loss (by up to 75%) and will pay for themselves over time. 

The extent of the savings will come down to how the energy efficient windows and doors are specified. 

It’s entirely possible that you could make an eventual saving of thousands of pounds with double or triple glazed windows and doors offering a high energy rating. 

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