Add The Spirit Of Christmas To Your Windows And Doors

Windows at Christmas

With scientific findings showing that decorating your home for Christmas can actually make you happier, why stop at just a Christmas tree?

You can add simple, festive touches to your windows and doors to ensure you have the best-dressed home on the street this Christmas season.

Be sure to embrace the most wonderful time of the year with Hazlemere’s tips on how best to decorate the often overlooked parts of your home.

Place wreaths on doors and windows

Whether it’s the entire extended family or just a few close friends, you’re likely to be expecting more guests around this time of year. 

So for a great first impression, take inspiration from the Americans. A common decorating trend in the US is to hang wreaths on both your front door and windows.

A wreath on your front door may look classic and simple, but hanging matching window wreaths will make a big impact in terms of the festive cheer in your home.

Christmas wreath
Christmas lights

Light it up

Make your home merry and bright this Christmas season with lanterns, candles and fairy lights.

Draping fairy lights around your windows are a simple and inexpensive way to decorate. Whether you go for multi-coloured bulbs or a warm white glow, you’ll immediately feel the cosiness.

Not only do candles add a magical glow to your windows, the festive scent will remind you that Christmas has arrived. Our favourites are peppermint, fig or cinnamon.

Ornaments on windowsills

A great way to show off all your festive ornaments is to place them in your window, creating a winter wonderland scene. 

Reindeer, snowmen and Father Christmas ornaments will be enjoyed by passers-by, carol singers and visitors alike.

Don’t forget to place poinsettias in your windows, a vibrant, festive plant that has long been associated with Christmas.

Poinsettias do not survive in drafty spaces so you will need to ensure your windows are well insulated.

Ornaments on windows

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