3 Measures You Can Take To Entice More Natural Light Indoors

3 ways of enticing more natural light into your home

You will be well aware that your home feels so much more inviting and energised when it’s filled with natural light, and that you feed off this and it makes you feel great both physically and mentally. 

Shortly the clocks will be going forward an hour, giving you a golden opportunity to organise your home so that it fully capitalises on the additional light that we’ll receive through the spring and summer months.

There are different methods you can take to invite the sun indoors, with the following three ideas being amongst the most effective.

Get slim-profiled aluminium windows installed

You’re heavily dependent on your windows for light transference, and you will obviously get more of it if your windows feature a significant expanse of glass and not so much framework.  

Aluminium windows offer exactly that as they are almost entirely made up of glass, with the surrounding frames being ultra-slim in comparison to most traditional window designs. This wealth of glazing provides the sun with a larger surface area to surge through, and also provides you with a brilliantly unobstructed view. 

The resilience of aluminium is a further strong-point, but that doesn’t stop it from being easy to mould and establish such slender sightlines. After their fitting. your interior will feel far more alive.

The inside of a window
An extension with patio doors

Do some outdoor maintenance

It’s not just inside where action needs to be taken. You must also pay attention to anything externally that could be proving an obstruction for the sun. 

Perhaps you have some trees, bushes, or plants that are overgrown and getting in the way of your windows and doors. If you do, trim them back and you will quickly feel the difference it makes.

Add roof windows or install a skylight

We’re open with our customers and admit that the installation of a solid roof on a conservatory or orangery can lead to a slight loss of light. But this can be remedied with the inclusion of one or more roof windows in the covering.  

Roof windows do more than just pull light into spaces though. They also offer a source of ventilation, ideal when it’s a lovely summer’s day. 

For something more expansive than a roof window, look no further than a skylight or roof lantern, a vast glazed facet that you could have integrated into a kitchen or extension, for example. 

Wonderful to look at, they will leave a space flooded with natural light, and can incorporate tinted glass if you wish to give a room a certain distinctive mood.

A skylight in an extension

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